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    HKU ResearcherPage: Wu, JTK
    J.jpg picture
    Dr Wu, Joseph Tsz Kei
    • Associate Professor
    Publication list (Conference Papers)
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    Result pages: 1
    Epidemiology and control of H7N9 in china (abstract)Wu, JTK; Cowling, BJ; Lau, EHY; Ip, DKM; Wu, P; Yu, H; Leung, GM201321
    Acceptability and uptake of female adolescent HPV vaccination in Hong Kong (abstract)Choi, CW; Leung, GM; Woo, PPS; Mark, J; Wu, JTK201322
    Potential changes in seriousness of influenza in Hong Kong, 2001-2011 (abstract & poster presentation)WONG, YT; Goldstein, E; Wu, P; Ip, DKM; Wu, JTK; Leung, GM; Cowling, BJ201319
    Inferring influenza infection attack rate from seroprevalence data (abstract & poster presentation)Wu, JTK; Leung, SM; Perera, RAPM; Chu, KW; Lee, CK; Hung, IFN; Lin, CK; Lo, SV; Lau, YL; Leung, GM; Cowling, BJ; Peiris, JSM201323
    Estimating the protective effect of hemagglutination-inhibition antibody against pandemic influenza A(H1N1) infections (abstract & poster presentation)Wu, JTK; Leung, SM; Perera, RAPM; TSANG, KL; Lee, CK; Lin, CK; Peiris, JSM201315
    Comparison of influenza A(H1N1PDM09) associated mortality impact in Hong Kong during two epidemic waves in 2009-2011 (abstract & poster presentation)Wu, P; Goldstein, E; Ho, LM; Wu, JTK; TSANG, KL; Leung, GM; Cowling, BJ201314
    Case fatality risk of 2009 Pandemic Influenza A (H1N1): a systematic review and meta-analysisWong, J; Kelly, H; Ip, D; Wu, J; Leung, G; Cowling, B201350
    Improving vaccination policy implementation: A qualitative study on new immigrant parental decision making about childhood and adolescent vaccination (abstract & poster presentation)WANG, D; Lam, WWT; Wu, JTK; Liao, Q; Fielding, R201312
    Inferring influenza infection attack rate from seroprevalence dataWu, JTK201326
    Comparative epidemiology of human infections with avian influenza A(H7N9) and A(H5N1) viruses in China (abstract presentation)Cowling, BJ; Jin, L; Lau, EHY; Liao, Q; Wu, P; Jiang, H; TSANG, KL; Zheng, J; Fang, J; Chang, Z; Ni, MY; Zhang, Q; Ip, DKM; Yu, J; Li, Y; Wang, L; Tu, W; Meng, L; Wu, JTK; Luo, H; Li, Q; Shu, Y; Li, Z; Feng, Z; Yang, W; Wang, Y; Leung, GM; Yu, H20130
    Chinese immigrant mothers’ beliefs about cancer prevention at childhoodWang, D; Lam, WWT; Wu, JTK; Fielding, R201257
    Inferring 2009 Pandemic Influenza severity in Hong Kong using Time Series Regression ModelWong, YT; Wu, P; Nishiura, H; Goldstein, E; Lau, EHY; Yang, L; Chuang, SK; Tsang, T; Peiris, JSM; Wu, JTK; Cowling, BJ201274
    Public health impact and economic evaluation of organized HPV vaccination program in Hong Kong (abstract and oral presentation)Choi, CW; Mark, J; Leung, GM; Wu, JTK201272
    The burden of influenza associated mortality in Hong Kong in 1998-2009Wu, P; Goldstein, E; Ho, LM; Yang, L; Nishiura, H; Wu, JTK; Ip, DKM; Chuang, SK; Tsang, T; Cowling, BJ201265
    The severity of the first wave of 2009 pandemic influenza in Hong Kong (abstract and poster presentation)Wong, YT; Wu, P; Nishiura, H; Goldstein, E; Lau, EHY; Yang, L; Chuang, SK; Tsang, THF; Peiris, JSM; Wu, JTK; Cowling, BJ201265
    Public health impact and economic evaluation of organized HPV Vaccination Program in Hong KongChoi, CW; Jit, M; Leung, GM; Wu, JTK201281
    A qualitative study of Chinese immigrant mothers’ beliefs on adult cancer prevention at childhoodWang, DL; Lam, WWT; Wu, J; Fielding, R201258
    Excess mortality attributable to influenza epidemics in Hong KongWu, P; Goldstein, E; Nishiura, H; Ho, LM; Wu, JTK; Ip, DKM; Cowling, BJ201244
    Cost-effectiveness of HPV vaccination in Hong KongWu, JTK201256
    Comparison of patterns in influenza-associated excess mortality among men and women in Hong KongWu, P; Nishiura, H; Goldstein, E; Ho, LM; Wu, JTK; Ip, DKM; Leung, GM; Cowling, BJ201257
    Result pages: 1



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