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HKU ResearcherPage: Ho, DSY
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Dr Ho, Daniel Sai Yin
  • Associate Professor
Project Code Amount Title Funding Year
1 201409159002 120000 A 3-year follow-up (2012 to 2015) study on secondhand smoke exposure and neighbourhood smoking infiltration 2014/2015
2 10111241 531700 A school-based survey on adolescent alcohol drinking in Hong Kong 2012/2013
3 10111091 190176 Understanding underage drinking motivations and contexts in Hong Kong: a qualitative analysis 2012/2013
4 97707607 The Hong Kong Jockey Club Family Project 2007/2008
5 HKU 7004-PPR-6 700000 Prediction of mortality and hospital use in older people in Hong Kong 2007/2008
6 04060571 754268 A 3 -year follow-up study of the Hong Kong population health survey cohort on overweight and obesity and its related behavioural factors 2006/2007
7 04060671 356849 Development and validation of measures to study the effects of the built environment on walking in Hong Kong senior residents using a convenience sample 2006/2007
8 N_HKU 720/05 800000 Genetic and environmental risk factors of atherosclerotic cerebrovascular and cardiovascular disease in Hong Kong and Guangzhou Chinese 2005/2006
9 HKU 7221/04H 996555 A population based, longitudinal study of eating disturbances in Hong Kong Chinese boys and girls 2004/2005
10 HKU 7428/03M 924000 A randomised controlled trial on smoking cessation and adherence intervention on patients with erectile dysfunction 2003/2004
11 99002 590200 A telephone follow-up survey on self-reported work-related illness and peceived hazards in occupational safety and health in Hong Kong 1999/2000
12 212919 864200 The cost of tobacco-related disease in Hong Kong 1999/2000
13 100000 Smoke free restaurant survey 1999 1999/2000
14 500000 Survey on healthy living in Hong Kong 1998/1999
15 501400 Hong Kong Council on Smoking and Health - youth smoking survey 1998/1999
16 631012 795200 A mega-case-control study (20,000 deaths and 30,000 controls) on smoking and mortality in Hong Kong 1997/1998
17 880000 A mega-case-control study (20,000 deaths and 30,000 controls) on smoking and mortality in Hong Kong 1997/1998
18 800000 A telephone survey on self-reported work-related illness and perceived hazards in occupational safety and health in Hong Kong 1996/1997



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