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Name Card
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Dr Ho, Daniel Sai Yin 何世賢

Associate Professor

Principal Investigator
StatusProject CodeProject TitleAmountFunding Year
-Evaluation of anti-smoking theatre performance "Smokefree Superkid" for primary school students in 2010-111172542010/2011
-Youth smoking survey 20035139842003/2004
AR120006Provision of Services for Developing Age-specific Education Materials to facilitate parents, teachers and other parties to appropriately communicate with children to prevent underage drinking13423442012/2013
AR120013Evaluation of anti-smoking theatre performance "The Smoke-free Journey of Red Hoodlet" for primary school students in 2012-131508822012/2013
-School-based survey on smoking among students 2010/1114282302010/2011
-Hong Kong Council on Smoking and Health (COSH) - youth smoking and health survey 20034978642002/2003
05060781A retrospective cohort study on the risk factors and outcomes of childhood obesity in Hong Kong407372007/2008
06071011Two-year follow up of the Hong Kong student obesity surveillance project (HKSOS) on trends and predictors of adolescent obesity and related behaviours5041412007/2008
22080664Secondary school YouTube video competition for tobacco control2953202008/2009
-The evaluation of the New Basic Life Skills Training Programme11410612010/2011
25110534A Hong Kong adolescent alcohol control programme using simple and innovative methods to reach adolescents and parents2987952011/2012
AR120007School-based Survey on Smoking Among Students 2012/1314294752012/2013
12132661A cross-sectional survey on passive drinking and forced drinking in Hong Kong adolescents4224242014/2015
17629016Changing social norms around smoking: A cluster randomized controlled trial to address tobacco use among adolescents in Hong Kong5913262016/2017
AR160030Evaluation Study on School Interactive Education Theatre Programme 2016-171599582016/2017
AR160029School-based survey on smoking among students 2016/1714295362016/2017
AR160067Focus Group Study on Perceptions of Tobacco Packaging among Children and Youths2107352016/2017
AR160104Study on smoking-related trends and overall effects of COSH Education Theatre Programme in Hong Kong Primary School Students1491782016/2017
StatusProject CodeProject TitleAmountFunding Year
HKU 7221/04HA population based, longitudinal study of eating disturbances in Hong Kong Chinese boys and girls9965552004/2005
-Smoke free restaurant survey 19991000001999/2000
04060671Development and validation of measures to study the effects of the built environment on walking in Hong Kong senior residents using a convenience sample3568492006/2007
-A mega-case-control study (20,000 deaths and 30,000 controls) on smoking and mortality in Hong Kong8800001997/1998
99002A telephone follow-up survey on self-reported work-related illness and peceived hazards in occupational safety and health in Hong Kong5902001999/2000
-Survey on healthy living in Hong Kong5000001998/1999
-Hong Kong Council on Smoking and Health - youth smoking survey5014001998/1999
212919The cost of tobacco-related disease in Hong Kong8642001999/2000
-A telephone survey on self-reported work-related illness and perceived hazards in occupational safety and health in Hong Kong8000001996/1997
631012A mega-case-control study (20,000 deaths and 30,000 controls) on smoking and mortality in Hong Kong7952001997/1998
HKU 7428/03MA randomised controlled trial on smoking cessation and adherence intervention on patients with erectile dysfunction9240002003/2004
N_HKU 720/05Genetic and environmental risk factors of atherosclerotic cerebrovascular and cardiovascular disease in Hong Kong and Guangzhou Chinese8000002005/2006
04060571A 3 -year follow-up study of the Hong Kong population health survey cohort on overweight and obesity and its related behavioural factors7542682006/2007
-The Hong Kong Jockey Club Family Project977076072007/2008
HKU 7004-PPR-6Prediction of mortality and hospital use in older people in Hong Kong7000002007/2008
10111091Understanding underage drinking motivations and contexts in Hong Kong: a qualitative analysis1901762012/2013
10111241A school-based survey on adolescent alcohol drinking in Hong Kong5317002012/2013
201409159002A 3-year follow-up (2012 to 2015) study on secondhand smoke exposure and neighbourhood smoking infiltration1200002014/2015
12132761Promoting alcohol-related attitudinal and behavioural change amongst adolescents through Internet intervention: A cluster randomised controlled trial8630342014/2015
AR160040Research Study on Perceptions of E-cigarettes and Waterpipe among Young Adults in Hong Kong995502015/2016
AR160071Tobacco Control Policy-related Survey 2016-20179888002016/2017
14151111Effectiveness of a smartphone app in promoting zero time exercise and fitness in patients with coronary heart disease: a pilot randomized controlled trial1000002016/2017
CPP-HKUCommunity–based Mental Wellness Project for Adolescents and Adults65000002016/2017
-Semi-personalized smoking cessation interventions for adult smokers recruited at smoking hotspots: a pilot randomized controlled trial400002017/2018
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