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    HKU ResearcherPage: Cheung, YK
    rp00104.gif picture
    Emeritus Professor Cheung, Yau Kai
    • Honorary Professor
    Publication list (Articles)
    Results 1-20 of 346
    Result pages: 1
    3-D vibration analysis of circular rings with sectorial cross-sectionsZhou, D; Cheung, YK; Lo, SH2010234
    Three-dimensional vibration analysis of toroidal sectors with solid circular cross-sectionsZhou, D; Cheung, YK; Lo, SH2010112
    On the thermal expansion effects in the transverse direction of laminated composite plates by means of a globallocal higher-order modelZhen, W; Cheung, YK; Lo, S; Wanji, C2010128
    Three-dimensional vibration analysis of prisms with isosceles triangular cross-sectionZhou, D; Cheung, YK; Lo, SH; Au, FTK2010290
    Hygrothermal effects on multilayered composite plates using a refined higher order theoryLo, SH; Zhen, W; Cheung, YK; Wanji, C2010113
    Dual reciprocity hybrid boundary node method for free vibration analysisYan, F; Wang, YH; Miao, Y; Cheung, YK2009141
    3-D vibration analysis of annular sector plates using the Chebyshev-Ritz methodZhou, D; Lo, SH; Cheung, YK2009185
    Ductility analysis of prestressed concrete beams with unbonded tendonsDu, JS; Au, FTK; Cheung, YK; Kwan, AKH2008234
    An exact solution for the three-phase thermo-electro-magneto-elastic cylinder model and its application to piezoelectric-magnetic fiber compositesTong, ZH; Lo, SH; Jiang, CP; Cheung, YK2008169
    Effects of higher-order global-local shear deformations on bending, vibration and buckling of multilayered platesWu, Z; Cheung, YK; Lo, SH; Chen, W2008187
    A hybrid-Trefftz finite element model for Helmholtz problemSze, KY; Cheung, YK2008411
    Dual reciprocity hybrid boundary node method for 2-D elasticity with body forceYan, F; Wang, YH; Tham, LG; Cheung, YK2008123
    Elasticity solution of clamped-simply supported beams with variable thicknessXu, YP; Zhou, D; Cheung, YK2008185
    Augmented higher order global-local theory and refined triangular element for laminated composite platesChen, W; Cheung, YK; Wu, Z2007103
    An enhanced global-local higher-order theory for the free edge effect in laminatesLo, SH; Zhen, W; Cheung, YK; Wanji, C200784
    A simulation model for optimizing the concession period of public-private partnerships schemesNg, ST; Xie, J; Cheung, YK; Jefferies, M2007201
    Electroelastic behavior of doubly periodic piezoelectric fiber composites under antiplane shearXu, YL; Lo, SH; Jiang, CP; Cheung, YK200779
    A fuzzy simulation model for evaluating the concession items of public-private partnership schemesThomas Ng, S; Xie, J; Skitmore, M; Cheung, YK2007121
    3-D vibration analysis of skew thick plates using Chebyshev-Ritz methodZhou, D; Lo, SH; Au, FTK; Cheung, YK; Liu, WQ2006146
    Effect of built-in edges on 3-D vibrational characteristics of thick circular platesZhou, D; Au, FTK; Cheung, YK; Lo, SH200683
    Result pages: 1



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