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    HKU ResearcherPage: McGrath, CPJ
    rp00037.jpg picture
    Professor McGrath, Colman Patrick Joseph
    • Clinical Professor
    Publication list (Conference Papers)
    Results 1-20 of 179
    Result pages: 1
    Dentofacial characteristics related to sleep-disordered breathing screened by PDSS questionnaireGU, M; Ho, ACH; Yang, Y; McGrath, CPJ; Wong, RWK; Hagg, EUO201317
    Relationship between caregivers' reading habits and their child's oral healthPARTHASARATHY SRINIVASAN, D; Bridges, SM; McGrath, CPJ; Yiu, CKY; Wong, HM; Au, TKF201317
    The association between infant growth and the occurrence of developmental defects of enamel at 12 years oldWong, HM; McGrath, CPJ; Peng, SM; Pei, T; King, NM201325
    App-solutely fabulous! But are they effective for oral health promotion?Au, SWW; Chan, JSM; Fok, MR; Ho, CY; Mak, CW; Wong, CKK; Wong, KY; McGrath, CPJ201323
    Poster presentation: Dento-facial characteristics related to sleep-disordered breathing screened by PDSS questionnaireGU, M; Yang, Y; Ho, ACH; Wong, RWK; Hagg, EUO; McGrath, CPJ201319
    Towards developing a standardized method for selecting Research Postgraduate StudentsWong, HM; McGrath, CPJ201313
    Poster Presentation: Assessing the Minimally Important Difference from Fixed Orthodontic Appliance TherapyLau, CM; McGrath, CPJ; Wong, RWK; Yang, Y; Hagg, U201326
    The relationship between tooth eruption and obesity in childrenWong, HM; Peng, SM; McGrath, CPJ; King, NM201324
    Infant growth and subsequent dental caries experience at age 12McGrath, CPJ; Peng, S; Wong, HM201332
    School neighbourhood environment and dental caries among Hong Kong school childrenChu, WH; PENG, S; Wong, HM; McGrath, CPJ201314
    Oral health literacy - Implications for Hong Kong's childrenBridges, SM; McGrath, CPJ; Wong, HM; Yiu, CKY; Au, TKF; Parthasarathy, SD201341
    Application of the Thurstone’s method of paired comparisons in Dental educationWong, HM; McGrath, CPJ201320
    Use of verbal and non-verbal communication in first encountersCHENG, SS; Bridges, SM; Yiu, CKY; McGrath, CPJ201315
    Poster Presentation: Angular Photogrammetric Analysis of the Soft Tissue Profile in 12-year-old Southern ChineseLeung, CSY; McGrath, CPJ; Wong, RWK; Yang, Y; Hagg, U201336
    Poster Presentation: Frontal Facial Proportions: A Photogrammetric Study of 12-year-old Southern ChineseYeung, C; McGrath, CPJ; Wong, RWK; Yang, Y; Hagg, U201332
    Tooth loss and vascular cognitive impairment in acute stroke patientsZhu, J; Li, X; Zhu, F; Zhang, C; McGrath, CPJ; Jin, L201342
    To scale, or not to scale? Willingness-to-accept non-surgical periodontal treatmentChan, RYL; Chan, TCL; Chan, HY; Lam, LT; Lam, YL; Li, ST; Poon, CP; Tse, WL; McGrath, CPJ201324
    Oral health in preschool children with autism spectrum disorders: a case-control studyDu, R; McGrath, C; Yiu, C; King, N201328
    Developing guideline for caries prevention and management by caries risk assessment for pre-school children using ADAPTE process and Delphi consensusLee, HMG; McGrath, CPJ; Yiu, CKY201329
    Apps for oral self-care: A systematic assessment of their qualityMcGrath, CPJ201310
    Result pages: 1



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