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W Hya through the eye of Odin satellite observations of circumstellar submillimetre H2O line emissionJusttanont, K; Bergman, P; Larsson, B; Olofsson, H; Schöier, FL; Frisk, U; Hasegawa, T; Hjalmarson, A; Kwok, S; Olberg, M; Sandqvist, Aa; Volk, K; Elitzur, M200580
W v Registrar of Marriages and the right to equality in Hong KongLoper, K2011712
W-26. Computing spatial relations in left and right visual fieldsDonnelly, N; Wilklnson, D; Weekes, B1996121
w-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids and their application in FoodsJiang, Y; Chen, SF; Liang, SZ1997128
W. M. Lowrie (1819-1847) and American Presbyterian Mission Press at MacaoFung, KW2010130
W.A.P. Martin's missionary activities in China, 1850-1916Shang, Vee-sui, Katherine; 尚維瑞1984369
W.B. Pettus and his contributions to TCSL HistoryChan, YY201178
W.E.B. Du Bois and AsiaLim, Anne Wing-huen.; 林詠萱.2010294
W.H.O. Comparison of two doses of mifepristone in combination with misoprostol for early medical abortion: a randomised trialHo, PC2000125
W1 House, Clear Water Bay: Following the NatureWang, WJ201184
W7, a Calmodulin Antagonist, Directly Blocks Human Ether a-go-go Related Gene Potassium Channels Stable Expressed in HEK 293 CellsZhang, X; Jin, MW; Li, GR2008104
WaWang, A200491
Wa! The wú wéi academic librarianLiu, AMM2008191
Wage Structure Effects of Taiwan's Science & Technology Development PolicyVere, JP200395
Wage structure effects of Taiwan's science and technology development policyVere, JP200595
Wage structure when wage offers are privateLam, KC; Liu, PW; Wong, YC1995128
Wagering love between desire and discipline: a study of sexual power in Eric Rohmer's Six moral talesLai, Wai-ting, Thomas.; 黎偉廷.2011271
The wages of CINYuen, KW; Desai, A200853
Wages, Employment and Futures MarketsBreitfelder, A; Broll, U; Wong, KP2008125
Waging a two-front war: inmates during incarceration and social workers working on ex-convict rehabilitationin ChinaCheng, Shing.; 鄭誠.2009419
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