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"I am an Earthquake": the political and pedagogical use of stories by children who survived Japan’s 1923 catastrophe
Child Health and Humanitarian Emergencies Workshop 2011
Borland, J2012128
I am an inculte!
Against the Grain
Ferguson, AW2009119
I am Calling My Mom: Family and Female Gang Members
Paper presented at the Annual Society of Social Problems Meetings
Laidler, KA; Hunt, G; MacKenzie, K1998148
I argue that or It is suggested that: A corpus-informed investigation on stance establishment in academic writing
7th Free Linguistics Conference. The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Hong Kong.
Ho, KL20137
I Begin to Think of Myself as a Marco Polo: David Bruce in China, 1973-1974
David Bruce Centre of American Studies, Keele University.
Roberts, PM1999123
"I believe that" or "It is suggested that"?: authorial presence in the use of reporting verbs in 'soft'discipline academic writing by community college students in Hong Kong
The University of Hong Kong (Pokfulam, Hong Kong)
Ho, Kin-loong.; 何鍵龍.2012549
I Bow Down (words and music: in English with Chinese translation)
CCLC Publications.
Chua, DKL2006136
"I can put the medicine in his soup, Doctor!"
Journal of Medical Ethics
B M J Publishing Group. The Journal's web site is located at
Wong, JGWS; Poon, Y; Hui, EC2005498
"I can't remember them ever not doing what I tell them!" Negotiating ‘upward’ refusals in multicultural workplaces in Hong Kong
Abstracts Book of the 12th International Pragmatics Conference
International Pragmatics Association.
Schnurr, S; Zayts, O2011142
“I can't remember them ever not doing whatI tell them!”: Negotiating face and power relations in ‘upward’ refusals in multicultural workplaces in Hong Kong
Intercultural Pragmatics
Schnurr, S; Zayts, OA201351
'I Crave the Law': Salomon v Salomon, uncanny personhood and the Jews
Reading the Legal case: Cross-currents Between Law and the Humanities
Hutton, CM201250
'I don't want to see my children suffering after birth': The 'risk of knowing' talk and decision-making in prenatal screening for Down syndrome in Hong Kong
Health, Risk and Society
YAU, HYA; Zayts, OA201460
I Feel Myself A New Marco Polo: David Bruce's China Diaries, 1973-1974
David Bruce Centre of American Studies Seminar Series, Keele University
Roberts, PM1998133
I grew mushroomsLam, ASL2004127
I grew mushrooms
Haven Books .
Lam, ASL2008131
I Have Come Undone: In Appreciation of Tan Sook Yee
Lives in the Law, Essays in Honour of Peter Ellinger, Koh Kheng Lian & Tan Sook Yee
NUS Law Faculty & Singapore Academy of Law.
Lim, CL2008194
" I have no time to find out where the sentences came from; I just rebuild them" : A biochemistry professor eliminating novices' textual borrowing
Journal of Second Language Writing
Pergamon. The Journal's web site is located at
Li, Y2012236
I have walked on air
Hong Kong University Press.
Lam, ASL2003129
"I know you can hear me": Neural correlates of feigned hearing loss
Human Brain Mapping
John Wiley & Sons, Inc. The Journal's web site is located at
Mcpherson, B; Mcmahon, K; Wilson, W; Copland, D2012203
“I know you can hear me”: Neural correlates of feigned hearing loss
National Conference of the Audiological Society of Australia
McPherson, DB; McMahon, K; Wilson, WJ; Copland, D2010172
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