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E M Forster's 'Maurice': A New Chinese TranslationPoon, JHK2004152
E series of prostaglandin receptor 2-mediated activation of extracellular signal-regulated kinase/activator protein-1 signaling is required for the mitogenic action of prostaglandin E2 in esophageal squamous-cell carcinomaYu, L; Wu, WKK; Li, ZJ; Wong, HPS; Tai, EKK; Li, HT; Wu, YC; Cho, CH2008172
(E) A Brief Study of Two Green Building Label Systems - Hong Kong BEAM & China GBLLau, SSY; Zhang, Z2009409
(E) A survey of sick building syndrome: workplace design elements and perceived indoor environmental qualityGou, Z; Lau, SSY201282
(E) Assessing The Health And Safety Performance Of Residential Buildings In Hong KongHo, DCW; Chau, KW; Leung, HF; Cheung, KC; Yau, Y; Wong, SK; Lau, SSY; Renganathan, G2005143
(E) Comparison of the China Green Building Label and the U.S. LEED 2009Zhang, Z; Lau, SSY201164
(E) Energy Conscious Building Design for the Humid Subtropical Climate of Southern China, in Green Building Design: Experiences in Hong Kong and ShanghaiLau, SSY; Chan, EHW2005299
(E) High-Rise Building Living in Asian Cities, ed. Yuen, Brelinda and Yeh, AthonyLau, SSY2008334
(E) Sustainable Buildings Activities in Hong Kong, Proceedings of the Recent Development of Building environment certification, labeling and assessment tools in different countriesLau, SSY2004108
(E) Sustainable Technologies for a Green Campus University in the Proceedings of the 2004 International Conference of Sustainable Buildings China Regional ConferenceLau, SSY; Kou, TT2004108
(E) The 21st Century Approach towards a Healthy Built Environment – Green Building Development in Hong Kong, in Green Building Design: Experiences in Hong Kong and ShanghaiLau, SSY; Chan, EHW2005142
(E) The Effect of Property Management on Health and Hygiene conditions of Apartment Buildings in Hong KongChau, KW; Ho, DCW; Leung, HF; Wong, SK; Cheung, KC; Lau, SSY; Wong, WS; Lung, DPY2004241
E-Book Collection Building at the University of Hong Kong LibrariesChan, GRYC; Lai, JK200682
E-book in the Flow: Patron Driven AcquisitionsChan, GRYC201282
E-books at Hong Kong University LibrariesKo, AYW200426
E-books at the University of Hong Kong libraries: current status, issues and the futureWan, Y.C.2005874
E-business: the Legal Framework for International Transport and Trade.Chan, FWH200199
E-cadherin and gastric cancerChan, OO; Wong, BCY200398
E-cadherin expression is commonly downregulated by CpG island hypermethylation in esophageal carcinoma cellsSi, HX; Tsao, SW; Lam, KY; Srivastava, G; Liu, Y; Wong, YC; Shen, ZY; Cheung, ALM2001146
E-cadherin expression is silenced by DNA methylation in cervical cancer cell lines and tumoursChen, CL; Liu, SS; Ip, SM; Wong, LC; Ng, TY; Ngan, HYS2003127
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