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NameChinese NameDepartmentsResearch Interests
Abraham, Thomas-
Adorjan, Michael Charles-Centre for CriminologyComparative criminology and sociology; Volatile and contradictory punishment paradigms; Criminological theory; Social constructionism; Symbolic interactionism; Qualitative methods; Youth crime and youth justice policy debates and systems; Restorative justice; Cultural criminology
Ahn, Min Kwan安珉寬School of Business (Accountancy)Off-balance-sheet financing; Corporate disclosure; Credit rating agencies; Debt contracting; Textual analysis of financial disclosures
Aiston, Sarah Jane-Faculty of Education (Shared disciplines)Gender and Higher Education; Educational Research; Student Learning in Higher Education
Aldred, Matthew Peter-Department of Anaesthesiology
Alex LK Ng伍立祺Department of OphthalmologyCataract and refractive surgery; Collagen cross-linking and biomechanical properties of the eye; Myopia control; Cornea and ocular surface disease - Diagnosis and treatment
Alfred C. H. Yu余倬恒Department of Electrical and Electronic EngineeringDiagnostic ultrasound: system design, advanced imaging paradigms, application development; Therapeutic ultrasound: biophysics, cellular bioeffects, treatment strategies
Ali, Jason Richard-Department of Earth SciencesMeso-Cenozoic tectonic evolution of E-SE Asia, W-SW Pacific; Emeishan large igneous province, SW China; Science and Society in England 1660-1750; Orientation of historically important churches, city complexes, temples etc; Palaeomagnetic “quick fixes” to knotty geological problems/phenomena; Earth-ocean-climate system at the Palaeozoic-Mesozoic boundary; Early Cenozoic time-scale
Ali, Shahla-Department of LawArbitration & Dispute Resolution; Globalization of Law; Law and Development in East Asia
Alves Horta, Hugo Duarte-Faculty of Education (Division of Policy, Administration & Social Sciences Education)Higher Education Studies; Science and Technology Studies; Public Policy
Alvin Ma馬進恒Department of Paediatrics and Adolescent MedicineGene regulation in normal vertebrate hematopoiesis; Molecular basis of human blood diseases; Development of zebrafish models for human blood disorders
Anderson Shum岑浩璋Department of Mechanical EngineeringEmulsions; Soft condensed matter physics; Microfluidics; Emulsion-templated materials; Bio-microfluidics; Drug delivery; Cosmetics applications; Food applications
Andrews, Stephen James-Faculty of Education (Shared disciplines); Faculty of Education (Division of English Language Education)Washback; Pedagogical content knowledge; Teacher beliefs; Teacher language awareness; Curriculum innovation
Ang, Sze Wei洪絲懷School of Humanities (Comparative Literature)The questions of race, religion, ethics, and the nation-state within the areas of Asian American and South East Asian Studies
Ansaldo, Umberto洪柏陶School of Humanities (Linguistics)East-West linguistic encounters (contact languages of Asia); Linguistic diversity; Language evolution; Multilingual ecologies
Archangeli, Diana Bennett-School of Humanities (Linguistics)
Arner, Douglas Wayne Department of LawComparative law; Development law; International economic law; International and domestic financial law and regulation
Asay, Jamin Frederick-School of Humanities (Philosophy)Metaphysics; Philosophy of Language; Philosophy of Science
Au Yeung, Ho Yu歐陽灝宇Department of ChemistrySupramolecular Chemistry; Molecular Recognition; Self Assembly
Au Yeung, Shiu Lun Ryan歐陽兆倫School of Public HealthThe health effects of alcohol use at moderate levels, risk factors of cardiovascular diseases, and causal inferences using different methodological approaches, in particular instrumental variable analysis using genetic instruments (Mendelian randomization design).