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NameChinese NameDepartmentsResearch Interests
Abraham, Thomas-Journalism and Media Studies Centre
Adair, Anya Margaret-School of English
Adorjan, Michael Charles-Centre for CriminologyComparative criminology and sociology; Volatile and contradictory punishment paradigms; Criminological theory; Social constructionism; Symbolic interactionism; Qualitative methods; Youth crime and youth justice policy debates and systems; Restorative justice; Cultural criminology
Ahn, Min Kwan安珉寬Faculty of Business and EconomicsOff-balance-sheet financing; Corporate disclosure; Credit rating agencies; Debt contracting; Textual analysis of financial disclosures
Alex LK Ng伍立祺Department of OphthalmologyCornea – Application of corneal collagen crosslinking; Management of ocular surface diseases; Corneal transplants; Myopia control – co-PI of “Combined atropine with orthokeratology in childhood myopia control (AOK) - A randomized controlled trial”; Cataract and refractive surgery
Alex T. L. Leong梁志倫Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Alfred C. H. Yu余倬恒Department of Electrical and Electronic EngineeringDiagnostic ultrasound: system design, advanced imaging paradigms, application development; Therapeutic ultrasound: biophysics, cellular bioeffects, treatment strategies
Ali, Jason Richard-Department of Earth SciencesMeso-Cenozoic tectonic evolution of E-SE Asia, W-SW Pacific; Emeishan large igneous province, SW China; Science and Society in England 1660-1750; Orientation of historically important churches, city complexes, temples etc; Palaeomagnetic “quick fixes” to knotty geological problems/phenomena; Earth-ocean-climate system at the Palaeozoic-Mesozoic boundary; Early Cenozoic time-scale
Ali, Shahla-Department of Law; Faculty of LawArbitration & Dispute Resolution; Transnational Law & Globalization; Law and Development in East Asia; Collaborative Governance; Comparative Legal Institutions
Alves Horta, Hugo Duarte-Higher Education Studies; Science and Technology Studies; Public Policy
Alvin Ma馬進恒Department of Paediatrics and Adolescent MedicineGene regulation in normal vertebrate hematopoiesis; Molecular basis of human blood diseases; Development of zebrafish models for human blood disorders
Anderson Shum岑浩璋Department of Mechanical EngineeringEmulsions; Soft condensed matter physics; Microfluidics; Emulsion-templated materials; Bio-microfluidics; Drug delivery; Cosmetics applications; Food applications
Andrews, Stephen James-Faculty of Education (Shared disciplines); Faculty of Education (Division of English Language Education)Washback; Pedagogical content knowledge; Teacher beliefs; Teacher language awareness; Curriculum innovation
Ang, Sze Wei洪絲懷School of Humanities (Comparative Literature)The questions of race, religion, ethics, and the nation-state within the areas of Asian American and South East Asian Studies
Ansaldo, Umberto洪柏陶School of Humanities (Linguistics)East-West linguistic encounters (contact languages of Asia); Linguistic diversity; Language evolution; Multilingual ecologies
Archangeli, Diana Bennett-School of Humanities (Linguistics)
Arner, Douglas Wayne Department of Law; Asian Institute of International Financial Law within the Faculty of LawComparative law; Development law; International economic law; International and domestic financial law and regulation
Asay, Jamin Frederick-School of Humanities (Philosophy)Metaphysics; Philosophy of Language; Philosophy of Science
Ashton, Louise Amy-School of Biological Sciences
Au Yeung, Ho Yu歐陽灝宇Department of ChemistrySupramolecular Chemistry; Molecular Recognition; Self Assembly