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Cultural and learning differences in the Judd illusionvan der Kamp, GJ; Withagen, R; DE WIT, MM201323
Gazing into space: eye movements and discrimination of marginally off-center goalkeepersMasters, RSW; Reinhoff, R; Fischer, L; Schorer, J; van der Kamp, GJ; Wilson, RM201158
Saving penalties, scoring penaltiesSavelsbergh, G; Versloot, O; Masters, RSW; van der Kamp, GJ201056
The effect of goalkeepers adopting Muller-Lyer posturesShim, J; Masters, RSW; Poolton, JM; van der Kamp, GJ201082
Objective visual thresholds in action and perceptionDe Wit, MM; Masters, RSW; van der Kamp, GJ200994
On penalty taking: reasons why the penalty taker should ignore the goalkeeper.van der Kamp, GJ; Masters, RSW2008110
Experts do, experts see? Common coding versus perceptual experience in anticipation skill.Jackson, RC; van der Kamp, GJ; Abernethy, AB200878
Highly rated goalkeepers are perceived as larger than lifePoolton, JM; Masters, RSW; van der Kamp, GJ200880
The effect of Muller-Lyer illusions on far aiming tasksvan der Kamp, GJ; Masters, RSW200766
Moving with an external focus: Automaticity or simply less demanding?Poolton, JM; Maxwell, JP; Masters, RSW; van der Kamp, GJ200780
Attentional Processes in Skill Learning and Expert PerformanceAbernethy, AB; Maxwell, JP; Masters, RSW; van der Kamp, GJ; Jackson, RC2007124
Getting a bit on the side - penalty kick direction is influenced implicitly by the position of the goalkeeperMasters, RSW; van der Kamp, GJ; Jackson, RC200784
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