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Diachronic Approaches to Modality in World Englishes: Introduction to the Special Issue
Journal of English Linguistics
Sage Publications, Inc. The Journal's web site is located at
Noel, D; van Rooy, B; van der Auwera, J201456
Had better, ’d better and better: Diachronic and transatlantic variation
English Modality: Core, Periphery and Evidentiality
De Gruyter Mouton
van der Auwera, J; Noel, D; Van linden, A2013121
Investigating recent changes in New Englishes with Factiva®
Englishes Today 2013
Noel, D; van der Auwera, J201337
The diverging need (to)'s of Asian Englishes
Mapping unity and diversity world-wide: corpus-based studies of new Englishes
John Benjamins Publishing Co.
van der Auwera, J; Noel, D; De Wit, A2012107
Where are the modals going in World Englishes, and how do we find out?
10th International Conference on Tense, Aspect, Modality and Evidentiality, Chronos 10
Noel, D; van der Auwera, J2011148
More on had better, ‘d better and better
Abstract Book of the 4th International Conference on Modality in English, ModE4
Universidad Complutense de Madrid
van der Auwera, J; Noël, D; Van linden, A2010135
Raising in German, Dutch and Englishvan der Auwera, J; Noël, D2009142
NEED and NEED TO in Asian Englishes
The Conference of the International Association for World Englishes
van der Auwera, J; Noël, D; De Wit, A2009103
'Raising' in English, Dutch and Germanvan der Auwera, J; Noel, D2008143
'Raising' in English, Dutch and Germanvan der Auwera, J; Noel, D2008129
Applying diachronic construction grammar: the development of deontic 'be supposed to'Noel, D; van der Auwera, J2008106
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