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The sign of vortex charges in high temperature superconductorsChen, Y; Wang, ZD; Zhu, JX; Ting, CS2003126
Vortex charges in high-temperature superconductorsChen, Y; Wang, ZD; Zhu, JX; Ting, CS2002287
Andreev Reflection Enhanced Aharonov-Bohm Oscillations in Conductance of a Mesoscopic Normal Metal Ring Connected to Normal and Superconducting LeadsZhu, JX; Wang, ZD199859
Interface Roughness Effect on Differential Conductance of High-Tc Superconductor JunctionsZhu, JX; Wang, Z; Xing, DY; Dong, ZC1997109
Zero bias anomaly of a normal metal-d-wave superconductor junction in the presence of a Kondo-like magnetic impurityWang, ZD; Zhu, JX1997191
Ferromagnetic scattering effects on quantum transport in a normal metal-superconductor junctionZhu, JX; Wang, Z1997100
Thermal properties and fluctuations of non-interacting "M-ons"Wang, Y; Zhu, JX; Wang, ZD; Wang, J1997106
First-order transition in a quantum ising model with p-spin interactions and a random fieldMa, YQ; Wang, ZD; Sheng, L; Zhu, JX; Gong, CD199756
Electronic Transport in Ballistic RegimeZhu, JX; Wang, ZD; Jiang, Q; Gong, C1997121
Nonadiabatic geometric phase in a textured mesoscopic ring subject to a crown-like magnetic fieldZhu, JX; Wang, ZD; Wang, Q199743
Quantum transport of vortices in a weakly dissipative ring threaded by an Aharonov-Casher flux: A tight-binding modelZhu, JX; Wang, ZD1997259
Time-Window Extension for Magnetic Relaxation from Magnetic Hysteresis Loop MeasurementsWang, QH; Yao, X; Wang, Z; Zhu, JX1997103
Ginzburg-Landau equations for layered p-wave superconductorsZhu, JX; Ting, CS; Shen, JL; Wang, ZD1997290
Hole tunneling through highly transparent symmetric double-barrier semiconductor structuresZhu, JX; Wang, ZD; Gong, CD1997143
Magnetic scattering effects on quantum transport in a normal-metal–superconductor junctionZhu, JX; Wang, ZD1997437
Glant magnetoresistance in magnetic granular systemsSheng, L; Gu, RY; Xing, DY; Wang, ZD; Zhu, JX199651
Differential conductance of normal metal-insulator-d-wave superconductor junctions with interface roughnessZhu, JX; Wang, ZD; Xing, DY; Dong, ZC1996122
Geometric phases and persistent currents in mesoscopic systemsZhu, JX; Wang, ZD199673
Impurity effect on the persistent current via Aharonov-Bohm effect in one-dimensional mesoscopic rings: Tight-binding modelLiang, SD; Wang, ZD; Zhu, JX1996174
Quantum-Mechanical Interference Effect for the Vortex Motion in a Superconducting SystemWang, ZD; Zhu, JX; Wang, Q1996111
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