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Over-Confidence and Cycles in Real Estate Markets: Cases in Hong Kong and AsiaChau, KW; Wang, K; Zhou, YQ; Chan, SH2000111
Large Low-Field Magnetoresistance Observed in Polycrystalline La0.7Ca0.3MnO3 FilmsWang, ZH; Lian, GJ; Gao, J; Zhou, YQ; Kang, JF; Li, MY; Xiong, GC1999151
Anomalous Resistance Behavior Observed Across the Interface of Superconducting YBa2Cu3O7 and Ferromagnetic La0.7Ca0.3MnO3Lian, GJ; Wang, ZH; Gao, J; Zhou, YQ; Kang, JF; Li, MY; Xiong, GC1998114
A facile synthesis of manganese porphyrin thiolatesMu, LJ; Zhou, YQ; Huang, JS; Shen, PW199744
Structure studies on metal-serum albumin(IX)-A novel hypochromic effect in Ni(II)-HSA and Ni(II)-BSAZhou, YQ; Tai, JZ; Liang, H; Ouyang, D; Liu, H; Hu, XY; Huang, JS199662
A new method of preparation of iron(II) porphyrin complexes - Isolation and characterization of bis(n-butylamine) iron(II) porphyrinZhong, XH; Huang, JS; Bu, XH; Zhou, YQ; Sheng, PW; Feng, YY1996112
Spectroscopic and electrochemical studies of the oxidation of para-substituted tetraphenylporphinatomanganese (II) complexesMu, LJ; Bu, XH; Zhou, YQ; Huang, JS; Hu, XY; Shen, PW199675
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