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A Novel Approach for Fault Location of Overhead Transmission Line with Non-Contact Magnetic Field MeasurementHuang, Q; Zhen, W; Pong, PWT201266
The cross-talk between osteoclasts and osteoblasts in response to strontium treatment: involvement of osteoprotegerinPeng, S; Liu, XS; Huang, S; Li, Z; Pan, H; Zhen, W; Luk, KDK; Guo, XE; Lu, WW2011214
An improved in-plane displacement model for the stability analysis of laminated composites with general lamination configurationsLo, SH; Zhen, W; Sze, KY; Wanji, C2011157
C0-type global-local theory with non-zero normal strain for the analysis of thick multilayer composite platesLo, SH; Zhen, W; Sze, KY; Wanji, C2011331
On the thermal expansion effects in the transverse direction of laminated composite plates by means of a globallocal higher-order modelZhen, W; Cheung, YK; Lo, S; Wanji, C2010128
Hygrothermal effects on multilayered composite plates using a refined higher order theoryLo, SH; Zhen, W; Cheung, YK; Wanji, C2010114
An enhanced global-local higher-order theory for the free edge effect in laminatesLo, SH; Zhen, W; Cheung, YK; Wanji, C200784
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