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Policy Metamorphosis in China: A Case Study of Minban Education in Shanghai. Ding Xiaojiong. Lexington Books, 2011. xv, 260pp. US$70 (Hardcover), ISBN-10: 0739129635; ISBN-13: 9780739129630Zhan, S201322
Study on educational policies on private tutoring in the city of TaipeiZhan, S201326
Differentiated demand for private supplementary tutoring: Patterns and implications in Hong Kong secondary education.Bray, TM; Zhan, S; Lykins, CR; Wang, D; Kwo, OWY201372
The effectiveness of private tutoring: students’ perceptions in comparison with mainstream schooling in Hong Kong.Zhan, S; Bray, TM; Wang, D; Lykins, CR; Kwo, OWY201366
The Role of Information on Overseas Higher Education in East Asia: The views of Mainland Chinese High School StudentsZhan, S201330
The economics of shadow education: patterns of demand for private supplementary tutoring among secondary school students in Hong KongBray, M; Zhan, S201236
Relationship between school choice and education equalization: an empirical study based on PISA 2009Zhan, S201264
The effectiveness of private supplementary tutoring: student motivations and perceptions in Hong KongZhan, S; Bray, M201223
从教育均衡化的角度看学生社会经济背景与学生学业成绩的关系:上海个案研究Zhan, S2011153
Students’ Participation in Private Tutoring in Hong Kong: Findings from PISA 2009 DataZhan, S201194
Study on Financial and Administrative Policies of Private Schools in Shanghai: Evidence from PISA 2009 DataZhan, S201170
Empirical study on financial and administrative policies of private schools in a global context: evidence from PISA 2009 dataZhan, S201165
Transport and magnetic properties of disordered LixVyO2 (x=0.8 and y=0.8)Du, F; Li, A; Liu, D; Zhan, S; Hu, F; Wang, C; Chen, Y; Feng, S; Chen, G2009134
Global exponential estimates of stochastic Cohen-Grossberg neural networks with time delayZhan, S; Lam, J200865
Effect of integrated traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine on the treatment of severe acute respiratory syndrome: A meta-analysisChen, Y; Guo, JJ; Healy, DP; Zhan, S200784
Delay-dependent exponential estimates of stochastic neural networks with time delayZhan, S; Lam, J200659
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