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Genomewide association analyses in Chinese Han identify two new susceptibility loci for amyotrophic lateral sclerosisDeng, M; Wei, L; Zuo, X; Tian, Y; Xie, F; Hu, P; Zhu, C; Yu, F; Meng, Y; Wang, H; Zhang, F; Ma, H; Ye, R; Cheng, H; Du, J; Dong, W; Zhou, S; Wang, C; Wang, Y; Wang, J; Lee, TMC201343
Base capacity of open-ended steel pipe piles in sandYu, F; Yang, J2012111
Inhibiting CD164 expression in colon cancer cell line HCT116 leads to reduced cancer cell proliferation, mobility, and metastasis in vitro and in vivoTang, J; Zhang, L; She, X; Zhou, G; Yu, F; Xiang, J; Li, G2012101
The role of sea-level rise, monsoonal discharge and the palaeo-landscape in the early Holocene evolution of the Pearl River delta, southern ChinaZong, Y; Huang, K; Yu, F; Zheng, Z; Switzer, AD; Huang, G; Wang, N; Tang, M2012174
Improved evaluation of interface friction on steel pipe pile in sandYu, F; Yang, J2012196
Mid-Holocene variability of the East Asian monsoon based on bulk organic δ13C and C/N records from the Pearl River estuary, southern ChinaYu, F; Zong, Y; Lloyd, JM; Leng, MJ; Switzer, AD; Yim, WWS; Huang, G2012118
Bayesian Hierarchical Modeling and Selection of Differentially Expressed Genes for the EST DataYu, F; Chen, MH; Kuo, L; Huang, P; Yang, W2011237
Design methods for bearing capacity of steel pipe piles driven in sand by means of cone penetration testsYu, F; Yang, J2011184
Post-installation residual stresses in preformed piles jacked into granular soilsYu, F; Tham, LG; Yang, J; Lee, PKK2011202
Mechanism and assessment of interface shear between steel pipe pile and sandYu, F; Yang, J2011107
Observed long-term behavior of residual stress in jacked pileYu, F; Tham, LG; Yang, J; Lee, PKK2011135
Cis-regulatory functions of overlapping HIF-1alpha/E-box/AP-1-like sequences of CD164Tang, J; Luo, Z; Zhou, G; Song, C; Yu, F; Xiang, J; Li, G201193
Installation load and working capacity of jacked piles: some experiences in ChinaYu, F; Yang, J201177
Knockdown of interferon-induced transmembrane protein 1 (IFITM1) inhibits proliferation, migration, and invasion of glioma cellsYu, F; Ng, SSM; Chow, BKC; Sze, J; Lu, G; Poon, WS; Kung, HF; Lin, MCM2011181
Diatoms from the Pearl River estuary, China and their suitability as water salinity indicators for coastal environmentsZong, Y; Kemp, AC; Yu, F; Lloyd, JM; Huang, G; Yim, WWS2010148
Sedimentary evidence of Late Holocene human activity in the Pearl River delta, ChinaZong, Y; Yu, F; Huang, G; Lloyd, JM; Yim, WWS2010187
Bulk organic δ13C and C/N as indicators for sediment sources in the Pearl River delta and estuary, southern ChinaYu, F; Zong, Y; Lloyd, JM; Huang, G; Leng, MJ; Kendrick, C; Lamb, AL; Yim, WWS201095
The history of water salinity in the Pearl River estuary, China, during the late QuaternaryZong, Y; Yu, F; Huang, G; Lloyd, JM; Yim, WWS2010265
Knocking down interferon induced transmembrane protein 1 (IFITM1) inhibited cell proliferation and invasion in glioma cellsLin, MC; Yu, F; Ng, SM; Kung, HF2010300
Provenance and formation age of the Nyingchi Group in the southern Lhasa terrane, Tibetan Plateau: Petrology and zircon U-Pb geochronologyDong, X; Zhang, ZM; Wang, JL; Zhao, GC; Liu, F; Wang, W; Yu, F200994
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