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Intraurban location of producer services in Guangzhou, ChinaYi, H; Yang, FF; Yeh, AGO2011412
The neuroprotection effects of alpinae oxyphyllae, a new anti-aging chinese herb, on glutamate-induced toxicityHong, SJ; Ho, YS; Yi, H; Che, CT; Lin, ZX; Chang, RCC2009102
Power system probabilistic small signal stability analysis using two point estimation methodYi, H; Hou, Y; Cheng, S; Zhou, H; Chen, G2007103
Modeling of long-term dynamics for interconnected power systems with structure-preserved networkYi, H; Du, Z; Cheng, S; Zhang, Y; Hou, Y; Shi, L; Ni, Y200790
Analytical assessment of wind power generation asset in restructured electricity industryZhou, H; Hou, Y; Wu, Y; Yi, H; Mao, C; Chen, G2007113
Efficient point estimate method for probabilistic small signal stability analysisYi, H; Cheng, S; Hou, Y; Ni, Y2007134
Mid-term frequency dynamics simulation of multi-area interconnected AC systemYi, H; Cheng, S; Hou, Y; Ni, Y200669
Fourth wave of urbanization in China (in Chinese)Yeh, AGO; Xu, J; Yi, H2006507
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