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The unfolded protein response regulatory GRP78 is a novel target of BRCA1 for inhibiting stress-induced apoptosisKwan, WY; Yeung, HY; He, Q; Lee, AS; Liu, J; Wong, AST2008125
Induction of stanniocalcin-1 expression in apoptotic human nasopharyngeal cancer cells by p53Lai, KP; Law, AYS; Yeung, HY; Lee, LS; Wagner, GF; Wong, CKC200735
BRCA1 inactivation induces GRP78 expression and protects human breast and ovarian cancer cells against stress-induced apoptosis.Kwan, WY; Yeung, HY; Wong, AST2007132
The role of glucose regulated protein (GRP)-78 in regulating cell growth and apoptosis in human breast and ovarian cancer cellsKwan, WY; Yeung, HY; Wong, AST200699
Antiapoptotic effects of mitochondrial manganese superoxide dismutase in ovarian cancer cellsWong, KY; Yeung, HY; Wong, AST2006116
Mitochondrial manganese superoxide dismutase protects ovarian cancer cells from oxidative stress-induced apoptosisWong, KY; Yeung, HY; Wong, AST2006108
Hypoxia-inducible factor-1-mediated activation of stanniocalcin-1 in human cancer cellsYeung, HY; Lai, KP; Chan, HY; Mak, NK; Wagner, GF; Wong, CKC200534
Misdiagnosed localized arteriovenous malformationLo, CM; Yeung, HY; Siu, KF198756
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