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Unraveling the mechanism of the photodeprotection reaction of 8-bromo- and 8-chloro-7-hydroxyquinoline caged acetatesMa, J; Rea, AC; An, H; Ma, C; Guan, X; Li, MD; Su, T; Yeung, CS; Harris, KT; Zhu, Y; Nganga, JL; Fedoryak, OD; Dore, TM; Phillips, DL2012131
Water assisted dehalogenation of thionyl halides in the presence of water moleculesYeung, CS; Guan, X; Phillips, DL2011627
Water- and acid-mediated excited-state intramolecular proton transfer and decarboxylation reactions of ketoprofen in water-rich and acidic aqueous solutionsLi, MD; Yeung, CS; Guan, X; Ma, J; Li, W; Ma, C; Phillips, DL2011125
Water-assisted dehalogenation of thionyl chloride in the presence of water moleculesYeung, CS; Ng, PL; Guan, X; Phillips, DL201060
Time-resolved resonance raman study of the effect of ph on the photoreactions of 3-benzoylpyridine in aqueous solutionLi, MD; Du, Y; Yeung, CS; Phillips, DL200963
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