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Multi-Agent Coalition Formation in Transmission Planning Bilateral Shapley Value and Kernel ApproachesContreras, J; Klusch, M; Vielhak, T; Yen, JCH; Wu, FF199986
Virtual Learning Environment (VLE): a Web-based collaborative learning systemCheng, CYY; Yen, JCH1998252
A multi-agent approach to the deregulation and restructuring of power industryWu, FF; Yeung, CSK; Poon, ADA; Yen, JCH1998192
A multi-agent based Tourism Kiosk on InternetYeung, CSK; Tung, PF; Yen, JCH1998229
Quality as a function of quantity in electronic brainstormingBriggs, RO; Reinig, BA; Shepherd, MM; Yen, JCH; Nunameker, JF1997289
Intelligent spider for Internet searchingChen, H; Chung, YM; Ramsey, M; Yang, CC; Ma, PC; Yen, JCH1997670
Human agents and intelligent agents: an experiment on the InternetYen, JCH1997189
Toward intelligent meeting agentsChen, H; Houston, A; Nunamaker, J; Yen, JCH1996578
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