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Comparison of Patients Hospitalized With Influenza A Subtypes H7N9, H5N1, and 2009 Pandemic H1N1Wang, C; Yu, HJ; Horby, PW; Cao, B; Wu, P; Yang, S; Gao, H; Li, H; Tsang, KL; Liao, QH; Gao, ZC; Ip, DKM; Jia, HY; Jiang, H; Liu, B; Ni, MY; Dai, ZH; Liu, FF; Kinh, NV; Liem, NT; Hien, TT; Li, Y; Yang, J; Wu, JTK; Zheng, YM; Leung, GM; Farrar, JJ; Cowling, BJ; Uyeki, TM; Li, LJ201421
Meta-analysis Followed by Replication Identifies Loci in or near CDKN1B, TET3, CD80, DRAM1, and ARID5B as Associated with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus in AsiansYang, W; Tang, H; Zhang, Y; Tang, X; Zheng, J; Sun, L; Yang, J; Cui, Y; Zhang, L; Hirankarn, N; Cheng, H; Pan, HF; Gao, J; Lee, TL; Sheng, Y; Lau, WCS; Li, Y; Chan, TM; Yin, X; Ying, D; Lu, Q; Leung, AMH; Zuo, X; Chen, X; Tong, KL; Zhou, F; Diao, Q; Tse, NKC; Xie, H; Mok, CC; Hao, F; Wong, SN; Shi, B; Lee, KW; Hui, Y; Ho, MHK; Liang, B; Lee, PPW; Cui, H; Guo, Q; Chung, BHY; Pu, X; Liu, Q; Zhang, X; Zhang, C; Chong, CY; Fang, H; Wong, RWS; Sun, Y; Mok, TMY; Li, XP; Avihingsanon, Y; Zhi, Z; Rianthavorn, P; Deekajorndej, T; Suphapeetiporn, K; Gao, F; Shotelersuk, V; Kang, X; Ying, SKY; Zhang, L; Wong, WHS; Zhu, D; Fung, SKS; Zeng, F; Lai, WM; Wong, CM; Ng, IOL; Garcia-Barcelo, MM; Cherny, SS; Shen, N; Tam, PKH; Sham, PC; Ye, DQ; Yang, S; Zhang, X; Lau, YL2013112
Why do consumers adopt online channel? An empirical investigation of two channel extension mechanismsYang, S; Lu, Y; Chau, PYK201378
Human infections with the emerging avian influenza A H7N9 virus from wet market poultry: clinical analysis and characterisation of viral genomeChen, Y; Liang, W; Yang, S; Wu, N; Gao, H; Sheng, J; Yao, H; Wo, J; Fang, Q; Cui, D201319
High level expression, efficient purification and bioactivity assay of recombinant human platelet-derived growth factor AA dimer (PDGF-AA) from methylotrophic yeast Pichia pastorisLi, H; Hui, X; Yang, S; Hu, X; Tang, X; Li, P; Li, S; Yang, L; Jin, S; Wang, Y; Xu, A; Wu, D201366
Peer-Assisted Social Media Streaming With Social ReciprocityWang, Z; Wu, C; Sun, L; Yang, S201338
Enhanced production of recombinant secretory proteins in Pichia pastoris by optimizing Kex2 P1' siteYang, S; Kuang, Y; Li, H; Liu, Y; Hui, X; Li, P; Jiang, Z; Zhou, Y; Wang, Y; Xu, A; Li, S; Liu, P; Wu, D201319
Modern pollen assemblages from cultivated rice fields and rice pollen morphology: application to a study of ancient land use and agriculture in the Pearl River delta, ChinaYang, S; Zheng, Z; Huang, K; Zong, Y; Wang, J; Xu, Q; Rolett, BV; Li, J201267
Notch1-Snail1-E-cadherin pathway in metastatic hepatocellular carcinomaWang, XQ; Zhang, W; Lui, ELH; Zhu, Y; Lu, P; Yu, X; Sun, J; Yang, S; Poon, RTP; Fan, ST2012193
Guiding internet-scale video service deployment using microblog-based predictionWang, Z; Sun, L; Wu, C; Yang, S2012164
Strategies of Collaboration in Multi-Swarm Peer-to-Peer Content DistributionWang, Z; Wu, C; Sun, L; Yang, S201254
Improved debromination of polybrominated diphenyl ethers by bimetallic iron-silver nanoparticles coupled with microwave energyLuo, S; Yang, S; Sun, C; Gu, JD201259
Dynamics between the trust transfer process and intention to use mobile payment services: A cross-environment perspectiveLu, Y; Yang, S; Chau, PYK; Cao, Y2011104
Burial of organic carbon in Holocene sediments of the Zhujiang (Pearl River) and Changjiang (Yangtze River) estuariesYang, S; Tang, M; Yim, WWS; Zong, Y; Huang, G; Switzer, AD; Saito, Y2011159
All-fiber high repetition rate short pulse generation around 1030 nmLi, Q; Zhu, R; Zhang, C; Yang, S; Wong, KKY2011112
FM mode-locked fiber optical parametric oscillatorYang, S; Li, Q; Lui, KS; Wong, KKY201172
Correlated evolution of transcription factors and their binding sitesYang, S; Yalamanchili, HK; Li, X; Yao, KM; Sham, PC; Zhang, MQ; Wang, J2011151
Peer-assisted online games with social reciprocityWang, Z; Wu, C; Sun, L; Yang, S2011135
Frequency swept fiber ring laser based on optical parametric process with single-longitudinal-mode operationCheung, KKY; Yang, S; Zhou, Y; Wong, KKY2011113
Co-evolution of transcription factor and its binding sitesWang, JJ; Yang, S; Yalamanchili, HK; Li, X201080
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