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Does the United States Pharmacopeia Throat Introduce De-agglomeration of Carrier-Free Powder from Inhalers?Tang, P; Kwok, PCL; Tong, Z; Yang, R; Raper, JA; Chan, HK201281
Advanced geoinformation science: an overviewYang, C; Wong, WSD; Yang, R201022
Tunable interfacial properties of epitaxial graphene on metal substratesGao, M; Pan, Y; Zhang, C; Hu, H; Yang, R; Lu, H; Cai, J; Du, S; Liu, F; Gao, HJ201091
Soft Power and Higher Education: An Examination of China’s Confucius InstitutesYang, R2010342
Review of the Summer Institute in Cognitive Sciences 2010: The Origins of LanguageGong, T; Yang, R; Zhang, C; Ansaldo, U2010142
粵語和普通話「氣」族同形異義詞語辨釋Yang, R; Zhang, B2009359
New stability criteria for neural networks with distributed and probabilistic delaysYang, R; Gao, H; Lam, J; Shi, P200970
Prevalence of drug-resistant HIV-1 in rural areas of hubei province in the people's republic of ChinaLuo, M; Liu, H; Zhuang, K; Liu, L; Su, B; Yang, R; Tien, P; Zhang, L; Gui, X; Chen, Z2009198
New stability criteria for neural networks with distributed and stochastic discrete delayYang, R; Gao, H; Lam, J; Shi, P200984
Perception of six basic emotional facial expressions by the ChineseWang, K; Hoosain, R; Lee, TMC; Meng, Y; Fu, J; Yang, R2006121
Ecological risk assessments of endocrine disrupting organotin compounds using marine neogastropods in Hong KongLeung, KMY; Kwong, RPY; Ng, WC; Horiguchi, T; Qiu, JW; Yang, R; Song, M; Jiang, G; Zheng, GJ; Lam, PKS2006151
Implementing computing techniques to accelerate network GISYang, CP; Wong, D; Kafatos, M; Yang, R200619
First-principles study of alloying effect of Re on properties of Ni/Ni3Al interfacePeng, P; Soh, AK; Yang, R; Hu, ZQ2006126
Performance-improving techniques in web-based GISYang, C; Wong, DW; Yang, R; Kafatos, M; Li, Q200520
Effects of baicalin on the expression of pro-MMP-1 and MMP-3 in human gingival fibroblasts and periodontal ligament cellsLi, CZ; Cao, ZG; Yang, R; Shang, ZH; Jin, LJ; Cobert, EF2004132
Remote sensing and GIS for regional environmental applicationsKafatos, M; El-Askary, H; Chiu, L; Gomez, R; Hegazy, M; Kinser, J; Liu, X; Liu, Y; Liu, Z; McManus, J; Nie, Y; Qu, J; Salem, F; Sarkar, S; Shen, S; Taylor, G; Wolf, H; Wong, D; Yang, C; Yang, K-S; Yang, R200234
Concentrations of persistent lipophilic compounds in fish are determined by exchange across the gills, not through the food chainRandall, DJ; Cornell, DW; Yang, R; Wu, SS199859
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