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Whole-page optimization and submodular welfare maximization with online biddersDevanur, NR; Huang, Z; Korula, N; Mirrokni, VS; Yan, Q201327
Seasonal microbial community shift in a saline sewage treatment plantYan, Q; Zhang, X; Zhang, T; Fang, HHP2011382
Implantation of adult bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells transfected with the neurotrophin-3 gene and pretreated with retinoic acid in completely transected spinal cordZhang, W; Yan, Q; Zeng, YS; Zhang, XB; Xiong, Y; Wang, JM; Chen, SJ; Li, Y; Bruce, IC; Wu, W2010124
Characterization and quantification of ammonia-oxidizing archaea (AOA) and bacteria (AOB) in a nitrogen-removing reactor using T-RFLP and qPCRZhang, T; Jin, T; Yan, Q2010227
Occurrence of ammonia-oxidizing Archaea in activated sludges of a laboratory scale reactor and two wastewater treatment plantsZhang, T; Jin, T; Yan, Q; Shao, M; Wells, G; Criddle, C; Fang, HHP2009178
Nitrification in saline wastewaterFang, HHP; Zhang, T; Yan, Q2008521
Shrimp zircon age of the aermantai ophiolite in the north Xinjiang area, China and its tectonic implicationsXiao, W; Windley, BF; Yan, Q; Qin, K; Chen, H; Yuan, C; Sun, M; Li, J; Sun, S2006203
New findings on interactions among the yeast oligosaccharyl transferase subunits using a chemical cross-linkerYan, A; Ahmed, E; Yan, Q; Lennarz, WJ200350
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