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Vertical variations of luminescence sensitivity of quartz grains from loess/paleosol of Luochuan section in the central Chinese Loess Plateau since the last interglacial
Quaternary Geochronology
Lu, TY; Sun, JM; Li, SH; Gong, ZJ; Xue, L20145
Effects of Huanglian-Jie-Du-Tang and its modified formula on the modulation of amyloid-β precursor protein processing in Alzheimer's disease models.
Durairajan, SSK; Yuen, Y; Chen, LL; Kwok, KY; Liu, LF; Song, JX; Han, QB; Xue, L; Chung, SK; Huang, J; Li, M201413
Reform and Transition in Public Administration Theory and Practice in Greater China
Public Administration
Blackwell Publishing Ltd.. The Journal's web site is located at
Su, TT; Walker, RM; Xue, L201358
Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus accessory protein 9b is a virion-associated protein
Academic Press. The Journal's web site is located at
Xu, K; Zheng, BJ; Zeng, R; Lu, W; Lin, YP; Xue, L; Li, L; Yang, LL; Xu, C; Dai, J; Wang, F; Li, Q; Dong, QX; Yang, RF; Wu, JR; Sun, B2009464
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