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Resveratrol Inhibits the TRIF-Dependent Pathway by Upregulating Sterile Alpha and Armadillo Motif Protein, Contributing to Anti-Inflammatory Effects after Respiratory Syncytial Virus InfectionLiu, T; Zang, N; Zhou, N; Li, W; Xie, X; Deng, Y; Ren, L; Long, X; Li, S; Zhou, L; Zhao, X; Tu, W; Wang, L; Tan, B; Liu, E201430
Scalable Evaluation of Trajectory Queries Over Imprecise Location DataXie, X; Yiu, M; Cheng, R; Lu, H201331
Epidemiological dynamics and phylogeography of influenza virus in southern ChinaCheng, X; Tan, Y; He, M; Lam, TTY; Lu, X; Viboud, C; He, J; Zhang, S; Lu, J; Wu, C; Fang, S; Wang, X; Xie, X; Ma, H; Nelson, MI; Kung, HF; Holmes, EC; Cheng, J201398
Pazopanib (Paz) monotherapy in Asian women who have not progressed after first-line chemotherapy for advanced ovarian, Fallopian tube, or primary peritoneal carcinomaZang, R; Wu, L; Zhu, J; Kong, B; Kim, BG; Yao, Y; Yin, R; Liu, J; Wu, Q; Ngan, HYS; Xie, X; Wang, KL; Li, X; Yen, MS; Wei, L; Wang, Q; Mitrica, I; Carpenter, C; Zhang , P201320
One-unit Second-Order Blind Identification (SOBI) with Reference for Short Transient SignalsLIU, H; Xie, X; Xu, S; Wan, F; Hu, Y201337
Detection of respiratory syncytial virus fusion protein variants between 2009 and 2012 in ChinaXia, Q; Zhou, L; Peng, C; Hao, R; NI, K; Zang, N; Ren, L; Deng, Y; Xie, X; He, L; Tian, D; Wang, L; Huang, A; Zhao, Y; Zhao, X; Fu, Z; Tu, W; Liu, E201323
UV-Diagram: A Voronoi Diagram for Uncertain Spatial DatabasesXie, X; Cheng, CK; Yiu, ML; Sun, L; Chen, J201396
Economic evaluation of universal newborn hepatitis B vaccination in ChinaLu, Q; McGhee, S; Xie, X; Cheng, JQ; Fielding, R201341
High expression of biglycan is associated with poor prognosis in patients with esophageal squamous cell carcinomaZhu, YH; Yang, F; Zhang, SS; Zeng, TT; Xie, X; Guan, X201319
Spatio-temporal characteristics of multisensory facilitationHu, Y; Wang, W; Xie, X; Cui, H201290
Evaluating trajectory queries over imprecise location dataXie, X; Cheng, R; Yiu, ML201259
Analysis of dynamic load of vehicle bumping at bridge-head using distributed spring-damper element (in Chinese)Ding, Y; Xie, X; Au, FTK; Huang, J201234
Dynamic characteristics of multisensory facilitation and inhibition.Wang, W; Hu, L; Valentini, E; Xie, X; Cui, H; Hu, Y201228
Economic burden of chronic hepatitis B virus (HBV) infection in Shenzhen, China (abstract and poster presentation)Lu, Q; McGhee, S; Xie, X; Cheng, JQ; Fielding, R201275
Sequential information integration and belief trajectories: an experimental study using candidate evaluationsChung, S; Fink, EL; Waks, L; Meffert, MF; Xie, X201258
'Brother, can you spare some time, or a dime?': time and money obligations in the United States and ChinaCai, DA; Fink, EL; Xie, X201289
An Auto-Tracking System for Human Lumbar Motion AnalysisXu, M; Zhang, Y; Xie, X; Cui, H; Xu, S; Hu, Y201229
Automatic lumbar motion analysis based on particle filteringXu, M; Zhang, Y; Xie, X; Cui, H; Xu, S; Hu, Y201255
Genome-wide association study in east Asians identifies novel susceptibility loci for breast cancerLong, J; Cai, Q; Sung, H; Shi, J; Zhang, B; Choi, JY; Wen, W; Delahanty, RJ; Lu, W; Gao, YT; Shen, H; Park, SK; Chen, K; Shen, CY; Ren, Z; Haiman, CA; Matsuo, K; Kim, MK; Khoo, US; Iwasaki, M; Zheng, Y; Xiang, YB; Gu, K; Rothman, N; Wang, W; Hu, Z; Liu, Y; Yoo, KY; Noh, DY; Han, BG; Lee, MH; Zheng, H; Zhang, L; Wu, PE; Shieh, YL; Chan, SY; Wang, S; Xie, X; Kim, SW; Henderson, BE; Le Marchand, L; Ito, H; Kasuga, Y; Ahn, SH; Kang, HS; Chan, KYK; Iwata, H; Tsugane, S; Li, C; Shu, XO; Kang, DH; Zheng, W2012187
Pathway analyses identify TGFBR2 as potential breast cancer susceptibility gene: results from a consortium study among AsiansMa, X; Beeghly-Fadiel, A; Lu, W; Shi, J; Xiang, YB; Cai, Q; Shen, H; Shen, CY; Ren, Z; Matsuo, K; Khoo, US; Iwasaki, M; Long, J; Zhang, B; Ji, BT; Zheng, Y; Wang, W; Hu, Z; Liu, Y; Wu, PE; Shieh, YL; Wang, S; Xie, X; Ito, H; Kasuga, Y; Chan, KYK; Iwata, H; Tsugane, S; Gao, YT; Shu, XO; Moses, HL; Zheng, W201251
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