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Experimental challenge of chicken vaccinated with commercially available H5 vaccines reveals loss of protection to some highly pathogenic avian influenza H5N1 strains circulating in Hong Kong/China.
Elsevier Ltd. The Journal's web site is located at
Leung, CYH; Luk, G; Sia, SF; Wu, YO; Chow, KC; Tang, SC; Guan, Y; Peiris, JSM201339
Influenza viruses in wild birds in Hong Kong, 2003-2010
Influenza and Other Respiratory Viruses
Blackwell Publishing Ltd. The Journal's web site is located at
Leung, CYH; Cheung, PPH; Zhang, LJ; Wu, YO; Chow, KC; Ho, CK; Chow, CK; Ng, CF; Li, C; Tsang, CL; Dhanasekaran, V; Smith, GJD; Guan, Y; Peiris, JSM2011277
Identifying the species-origin of faecal droppings used for avian influenza virus surveillance in wild-birds
Journal of Clinical Virology
Elsevier BV. The Journal's web site is located at
Cheung, PP; Leung, YHC; Chow, CK; Ng, CF; Tsang, CL; Wu, YO; Ma, SK; Sia, SF; Guan, Y; Peiris, JSM2009295
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