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Optimized operator-splitting methods in numerical integration of Maxwell's equationsHuang, ZX; Wu, XL; Sha, WEI; Wu, B2012142
Fast scattering analysis of plasma over a broad frequency bandChen, MS; Kong, M; Shi, JJ; Wu, XL; Sha, W2011104
The study of summer-time heat island, built form and fabric in a densely built urban environment in compact Chinese cities: Hong Kong, GuangzhouLau, SSY; Yang, F; Tai, J; Wu, XL; Wang, J2011129
High-efficiency scattering analysis of Nth-order dispersive media over a broad frequency bandChen, MS; Wu, Q; Sha, W; Huang, ZX; Wu, XL2010103
Model based parameter estimation accelerated by lifting wavelet-like transformChen, MS; Wu, Q; Sha, W; Huang, ZX; Wu, XL201093
Adaptive frequency sweep analysis for electromagnetic problems using the Thiele interpolating continued fractionsChen, MS; Sha, WEI; Sun, YX; Huang, ZX; Wu, XL2010167
Fast computation of radar cross-section by fast multipole method in conjunction with lifting wavelet-like transformChen, MS; Sha, WEI; Wu, Q; Huang, ZX; Wu, XL2010187
Fast frequency sweep analysis of RCS by accelerated asymptotic waveform evaluation methodChen, MS; Wu, XL; Sha, WEI201073
Solution of arbitrarily dimensional matrix equation in computational electromagnetics by fast lifting wavelet-like transformChen, MS; Sha, W; Wu, XL2009111
Scheme of symplectic FDTDHuang, ZX; Sha, W; Wu, XL; Chen, MS; Kuang, XJ200983
Age and composition of granulite and pyroxenite xenoliths in Hannuoba basalts reflect Paleogene underplating beneath the North China CratonZheng, JP; Griffin, WL; Qi, L; O'reilly, SY; Sun, M; Zheng, S; Pearson, N; Gao, JF; Yu, CM; Su, YP; Tang, HY; Liu, QS; Wu, XL2009114
Waveguide simulation using the high-order symplectic finite-difference time-domain schemeSha, W; Wu, XL; Huang, ZX; Chen, MS200990
Scheme of symplectic FDTD using propagation techniqueHuang, ZX; Wu, XL; Chen, MS; Sha, W; Kuang, XJ200975
Application of second generation wavelet transform to solution of electromagnetic integral equationsChen, MS; Wu, XL; Sha, W; Huang, ZX2009103
Fast multipole method accelerated by lifting wavelet transform schemeChen, MS; Wu, XL; Sha, W; Huang, ZX200996
Application of the lifting wavelet-like transform to fast multipole methodsChen, MS; Wu, XL; Wei, S; Huang, ZX200862
High-order parabolic equation method for electromagnetic computationHuang, ZX; Bo, W; Wei, S; Chen, MS; Wu, XL; Hong, D200858
Hybrid lifting wavelet-like transform for solution of electromagnetic integral equationChen, MS; Wu, XL; Sha, W; Huang, ZX200875
Decomposition methods for time-domain Maxwell's equationsHuang, ZX; Sha, W; Wu, XL; Chen, MS200888
Fast and accurate radar cross-section computation over a broad frequency band using the best uniform rational approximationChen, MS; Wu, XL; Sha, W; Huang, ZX2008100
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