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The low pKa value of iron-binding ligand Tyr188 and its implication in iron release and anion binding of human transferrinSun, X; Sun, H; Ge, R; Richter, M; Woodworth, RC; Mason, AB; He, QY2004624
Competitive Binding of Bismuth to Transferrin and Albumin in Aqueous Solution and in Blood PlasmaSun, H; Li, H; Mason, AB; Woodworth, RC; Sadler, PJ2001249
NMR studies of isotopically-labeled transferrin and recombinant N-lobe of transferrin in blood plasma: potential target sites for Bi(III) antiulcer drugsSun, H; Li, H; Mason, AB; Woodworth, RC; Sadler, PJ1999102
N-lobe versus C-lobe complexation of bismuth by human transferrinSun, H; Li, H; Mason, AB; Woodworth, RC; Sadler, PJ1999263
[1H, 13H] NMR determination of the order of lobe loading of human transferrin with iron: Comparison with other metal ionsSun, H; Cox, MC; Li, H; Mason, AB; Woodworth, RC; Sadler, PJ199888
The nucleotide sequence of rabbit liver transferrin cDNABanfield, DK; Chow, BKC; Funk, WD; Robertson, KA; Umelas, TM; Woodworth, RC; Macgillivray, RTA199152
Structural-functional studies of human transferrin by using in vitro mutagenesis.Chow, BK; Funk, WD; Banfield, DK; Lineback, JA; Mason, AB; Woodworth, RC; Macgillivray, RT199143
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