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The effect of qigong exercise on immunity and infections: A systematic review of controlled trialsWang, C; Ng, SM; Ho, RTH; Ziea, ET; Wong, VC; Chan, CLW201276
Influenza vaccination and hospitalisation in Elderly Health Centres.Schooling, CM; McGhee, SM; Cowling, BJ; Thomas, GN; Chan, WM; Ho, KS; Wong, VC; Leung, GM2012181
Prenatal diagnosis and obstetric management of thanatophoric dwarfism.Ghosh, A; Woo, JS; Tang, LC; Tang, GW; Wong, VC198437
Sonographic differential diagnosis of pelvic masses complicating pregnancy.Woo, JS; Wan, CW; Ghosh, A; Liang, ST; Tang, LC; Wong, VC198421
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