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Identifying the critical success factors for relationship management in PPP projectsZou, W; Kumaraswamy, MM; Chung, KHJ; Wong, JMW201464
A public private people partnerships (P4) process framework for infrastructure development in Hong KongNg, TST; Wong, JMW; WONG, KWK201330
Variability of building environmental assessment tools on evaluating carbon emissionNg, TST; CHEN, Y; Wong, JMW201329
Life cycle assessment of precast concrete unitsDONG, Y; Wong, CTC; Ng, TST; Wong, JMW201337
Challenges facing carbon dioxide labelling of construction materialsNg, TST; Wong, JMW; Skitmore, RM201335
Development of a Green Building Product Labelling Scheme in Hong Kong – Interim Report, A report submitted to the Hong Kong Green Building Council, DecemberNg, TST; Wong, JMW; Chan, HL201233
Factors influencing the success of PPP at feasibility stage: a tripartite comparison study in Hong KongNg, ST; Wong, YMW; Wong, JMW2012155
Rethinking public participation in infrastructure projectsNg, TST; Li, THY; Wong, JMW2012145
Carbon dioxide reduction in the building life cycle: a critical reviewNg, TST; Wong, JMW; Skitmore, RM; Veronika, A201278
Construction manpower demand forecasting: a comparative study of univariate time series, multiple regression and econometric modelling techniquesWong, JMW; Chan, APC; Chiang, YH2011223
Potentials and barriers of establishing a carbon labelling system for the construction industryNg, TST; Wong, JMW; Chen, KY2011120
An econometric model for forecasting private construction investment in Hong KongNg, ST; Fan, RYC; Wong, JMW2011193
A carbon footprint assessment framework for glass in buildingWong, JMW; Ng, TST201165
Applying Z-score model to distinguish insolvent construction companies in ChinaThomas Ng, S; Wong, JMW; Zhang, J2011252
Towards low carbon housing development: carbon emission estimationHo, WI; Wong, JMW; Ng, TST2011108
An empirical survey of the motives and benefits of adopting guaranteed maximum price and target cost contracts in constructionChan, DWM; Chan, APC; Lam, PTI; Wong, JMW2011375
Guaranteed maximum price (GMP) contracts in practice: a case study of a private office development project in Hong KongChan, DWM; Lam, PTI; Chan, APC; Wong, JMW2011160
Predicting construction market growth for urban metropolis: An econometric analysisFan, RYC; Ng, ST; Wong, JMW2011176
Proceedings of the HKICM Symposium 2010: New Visions of the Middle East Construction Industry – Opportunities and Challenges AheadNg, TST; Wong, JMW201022
Strategic planning for the sustainable development of the construction industry in Hong KongWong, JMW; Thomas Ng, S; Chan, APC2010345
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