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Patient presentation and physician management of upper respiratory tract infections: A retrospective review of over 5 million primary clinic consultations in Hong Kong
BMC Family Practice
Kung, Kenny; Wong, Carmen; Wong, Samuel Y. S.; Lam, Augustine; Chan, Christy Ka Yan; Griffiths, Siân Meryl; Butler, Christopher C.201413
Effect of facemasks on empathy and relational continuity: A randomised controlled trial in primary care
BMC Family Practice
Wong, Carmen; Yip, Benjamin Hon Kei; Mercer, Stewart W.; Griffiths, Siân Meryl; Kung, Kenny; Wong, Martincs; Chor, Josette S Y; Wong, Samuel Y. S.201313
How much do elders with chronic conditions know about their medications?
BMC Geriatrics
Chan, Frankwk; Wong, Fionayy; So, Wingyee; Kung, Kenny; Wong, Carmen201312
Family medicine internship training: Importance for Hong Kong's primary care
Hong Kong Medical Journal
Kung, Kenny; Lam, Augustine; Wong, K. W.; Chan, Ching; Wong, Carmen; Wong, Samuel Y. S.; Griffiths, Siân Meryl; Plint, Simon201224
Primary care physicians' response to pandemic influenza in Hong Kong: A mixed quantitative and qualitative study
International Journal of Infectious Diseases
Wong, Samuel Y. S.; Kung, Kenny; Wong, Martincs; Wong, Carmen; Tsui, Wendy; Chan, King; Liang, Jun; Lee, Nelson; Cheung, Anniewl; Wong, Elizaly201214
A systematic review of the drug sorafenib in extending survival time in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma
The University of Hong Kong (Pokfulam, Hong Kong)
Wong, Carmen; 黃嘉敏2011279
Family medicine training in Hong Kong's public health care system: A focus group study
Hong Kong Practitioner
Kung, Kenny; Wong, Samuel Y. S.; Wong, Carmen; Wong, Martincs; Gao, Ting; Griffiths, Siân Meryl201126
Willingness to accept H1N1 pandemic influenza vaccine: A cross-sectional study of Hong Kong community nurses
BMC Infectious Diseases
Wong, Samuel Y. S.; Wong, Elizaly; Chor, Josette S Y; Kung, Kenny; Chan, Paulks; Wong, Carmen; Griffiths, Siân Meryl201013
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