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Mice Overexpressing Latent TGF-{beta}1 Are Protected against Renal Fibrosis in Obstructive Kidney Disease.Lan, XR; Chung, ACK; Wang, XJ; Lai, KN; Lan, HY200857
Geochemistry of the Late Jurassic granitoids in the northern end area of Da Hinggan Mountains and their geological and prospecting implicationsWu, G; Chen, YJ; Sun, FY; Li, JC; Li, ZT; Wang, XJ2008125
Theoretical absorption spectra of silicon carbide nanocrystalsShi, SL; Xu, SJ; Wang, XJ; Chen, GH2006116
Accurate prediction of heat of formation by combining Hartree-Fock/density functional theory calculation with linear regression correction approachDuan, XM; Song, GL; Li, ZH; Wang, XJ; Chen, GH; Fan, KN2004670
Combined first-principles calculation and neural-network correction approach for heat of formationHu, LH; Wang, XJ; Wong, LH; Chen, GH2003341
Electronic structures and optical properties of open and capped carbon nanotubesLiang, W; Wang, XJ; Yokojima, S; Chen, G2000120
Optical excitations in PPV aggregatesYokojima, S; Wang, XJ; Chen, GH2000120
Localized-density-matrix, segment-molecular-orbitals and poly(p-phenylenevinylene) aggregatesYokojima, S; Wang, XJ; Zhou, DH; Chen, GH1999353
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