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Charge dynamics in solar cells with a blend of π-conjugated polymer-fullerene studied by transient photo-generated voltageDing, BF; Choy, WCH; Kwok, WM; Wang, CD; Ho, KYF; Fung, DDS; Xie, FX201278
Efficient hole collection by introducing ultra-thin UV-ozone treated Au in polymer solar cellsWang, CD; H Choy, WC2011144
Effects of sputtering and annealing temperatures on MOS capacitor with HfTiON gate dielectricWang, CD; Li, CX; Leung, CH; Lai, PT2009185
A study on fluorine incorporation in Ge p-MOS capacitors with HfTiON dielectricLi, CX; Wang, CD; Leung, CH; Lai, PT; Xu, JP200994
A rapid temperature-responsive sol-gel reversible poly-g-methylcellulose copolymer hydrogelLiu, WG; Zhang, BQ; Lu, WW; Li, XW; Zhu, DW; Yao, KD; Wang, Q; Zhao, CR; Wang, CD200398
Cyclooxygenase-2 expression in esophageal cancer cells and induction by mitomycin CZhuang, ZH; Wang, LD; Tsao, SW; Cheung, LM; Feng, HC; Yang, T; Qin, YR; Wang, CD; Chen, ZZ; Liu, B2003110
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