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Thoracic Spinal Cord Stimulation for Heart Failure as a Restorative Treatment (SCS HEART study): First-in-man experience
Heart Rhythm
Elsevier Inc. The Journal's web site is located at
Tse, HF; Turner, S; Sanders, P; Okuyama, Y; Fujiu, K; Cheung, CW; Russo, M; Green, MD; Yiu, KH; Siu, DCW20149
Balancing the role of the dental school in teaching, research and patient care; Including care for underserved areas
European Journal of Dental Education
Blackwell Munksgaard. The Journal's web site is located at
Holbrook, WP; Brodin, P; Balciuniene, I; Brukiene, V; Bucur, MV; Corbet, E; Dillenberg, J; Djukanovic, D; Ekanayake, K; Eriksen, H; Fisher, J; Goffin, G; Hull, P; Kumchai, T; Lumley, P; Lund, J; Mathur, V; Novaes Jr, A; Puriene, A; RogerLeroi, V; Saito, I; Turner, S; Mabelya, L2008225
Meta-analysis of genome-wide linkage studies in BMI and obesity
North American Association for the Study of Obesity. The Journal's web site is located at
Saunders, CL; Chiodini, BD; Sham, P; Lewis, CM; Abkevich, V; Adeyemo, AA; De Andrade, M; Arya, R; Berenson, GS; Blangero, J; Boehnke, M; Borecki, IB; Chagnon, YC; Chen, W; Comuzzie, AG; Deng, HW; Duggirala, R; Feitosa, MF; Froguel, P; Hanson, RL; Hebebrand, J; HuezoDias, P; Kissebah, AH; Li, W; Luke, A; Martin, LJ; Nash, M; Öhman, M; Palmer, LJ; Peltonen, L; Perola, M; Price, RA; Redline, S; Srinivasan, SR; Stern, MP; Stone, S; Stringham, H; Turner, S; Wijmenga, C; Collier, DA2007312
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