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Formic acid dehydrogenation over PtRuBiO x/C catalyst for generation of CO-free hydrogen in a continuous-flow reactorHu, C; Ting, SW; Tsui, J; Chan, KY2012114
Overcoming obstacles associated with other learning experiences and school-based assessment: Perspectives of high school students with visual impairment in Hong Kong - Collaborative research project reportYuen, MT; Ho, J; Chung, YB; Fong, RW; Cheng, S; Ho, JH; Kwok, D; Ho, S; Tsui, J; Chiu, CW; Cheng, CKY; Yuen, J; Cheung, V2012234
CO-free hydrogen from formic acid with Pt Ru Bi Ox/C heterogeneous catalyst for PEM fuel cellsChan, KY; Ting, SW; Hu, C; Jayasree, P; Tsui, J201244
Indirect formic acid fuel cell with room temperature catalytic dehydrogenationChan, KY; Li, H; Ting, SW; Tsui, J2010249
A room temperature indirect formic acid fuel cellTing, SW; Li, F; Li, H; Tsui, J; Chan, KY2010142
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