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To scale, or not to scale? Willingness-to-accept non-surgical periodontal treatmentChan, RYL; Chan, TCL; Chan, HY; Lam, LT; Lam, YL; Li, ST; Poon, CP; Tse, WL; McGrath, CPJ201324
To scale, or not to scale? : willingness-to-accept non-surgical periodontal treatmentChan, TCL; Chan, RYL; Chan, HY; Lam, LT; La, YL; Li, ST; Poon, CP; Tse, WL201335
An anatomical study of the brachialis branch of the musculocutaneous nerveChow, CS; Chan, LK; Tse, WL; Ho, PC201088
Practical aspects of compressed suffix arrays and FM-index in searching DNA sequencesHon, WK; Lam, TW; Sung, WK; Tse, WL; Wong, CK; Yiu, SM2004138
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