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A novel de novo BRCA1 mutation in a Chinese woman with early onset breast cancerKwong, A; Ng, EKO; Tang, EYH; Wong, CLP; Law, FBF; Leung, CPH; Chan, A; Cheung, MT; To, MY; Ma, ESK; West, DW; Ford, JM2011149
High-resolution melting analysis for rapid screening of BRCA2 founder mutations in Southern Chinese breast cancer patientsKwong, A; Ng, EKO; Law, FBF; Wong, LP; To, MY; Cheung, MT; Wong, HN; Chan, VW; Kurian, A; West, DW; Ford, JM; Ma, ESK2010117
Forkhead box transcription factor FoxG1 is over-expressed in ovarian cancer and can inhibit p21 expressionLiu, VWS; Chan, DW; To, MY; Chiu, PM; Ngan, HYS2008104
The investigation of the role of FOXG1B in the development of ovarian cancerTo, MY; Liu, VWS; Chan, DW; Ngan, HYS200660
'Building Officials' Perception on the Use of Performance-based Fire Engineering Approach in Building Design - A Second Stage StudyLo, SM; Ho, DCW; Yiu, CY; Cheng, WY; To, MY2002164
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