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Subcapsular hematoma after ureteroscopy and laser lithotripsyChiu, PK; Chan, CK; Ma, WK; To, KC; Cheung, FK; Yiu, MK201328
Ketamine-related urological complications: radiological featuresYeung, JTH; Ma, JKF; Kwok, KKM; Yung, AWT; Cheng, RLF; To, KC; Yiu, MK201290
The prevalence and natural history of urinary symptoms among recreational ketamine users (Letter to Editor)Yiu, MK; Ng, CM; Ma, WK; To, KC201236
The Chinese version of the pelvic pain and urgency / frequency symptom scale: a useful assessment tool for street-ketamine abusers with lower urinary tract symptomsNg, CM; Ma, WK; To, KC; Yiu, MK2012112
Striving toward fistula first: a multi-disciplinary team appraochLee, SH; Hui, KC; Leung, LM; Fung, KS; Tang, HL; Ma, WK; Yiu, MK; To, KC; Cheung, FK; Wong, WYS; Kwong, LLI201252
Prevalence of antibiotic-resistant intestinal flora in patients undergoing transrectal ultrasonography-guided prostate biopsy (TRUS-Bx) and its implication for clinical practice: preliminary resultsTsu, JHL; Ma, WK; Lam, SH; Chan, KW; To, KC; To, WK; Ng, TK; Liu, PL; Yiu, MK2011105
Arteriovenous grafts for hemodialysis: a retrospective study from a local urologcial centreIp, CH; Chu, TY; To, KC; Yiu, MK201178
Robot-assisted ureteral reimplantation in children with vesico-ureteral refluxChan, CK; Ma, WK; Chu, TY; To, KC; Yiu, MK201169
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