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Overexpression of eukaryotic initiation factor 5A2 enhances cell motility and promotes tumor metastasis in hepatocellular carcinomaTang, DJ; Dong, SS; Ma, NF; Xie, D; Chen, L; Fu, L; Lau, SH; Li, Y; Guan, XY2010144
Isolation and characterization of a novel oncogene, amplified in liver cancer 1, within a commonly amplified region at 1q21 in hepatocellular carcinomaMa, NF; Hu, L; Fung, JM; Xie, D; Zheng, BJ; Chen, L; Tang, DJ; Fu, L; Wu, Z; Chen, M; Fang, Y; Guan, XY2008159
Hemagglutinin pseudotyped lentiviral particles: Characterization of a new method for avian H5N1 influenza sero-diagnosisNefkens, I; Garcia, JM; Ling, CS; Lagarde, N; Nicholls, J; Tang, DJ; Peiris, M; Buchy, P; Altmeyer, R200793
Oncogenic transformation by SEI-1 is associated with chromosomal instabilityTang, DJ; Hu, L; Xie, D; Wu, QL; Fang, Y; Zeng, Y; Sham, JST; Guan, XY2005116
The association of cytoplasmic overexpression of cyclin d1 and tumor metastasis in Hepatocellular CarcinomaHu, L; Wen, JM; Wang, WS; Sham, JST; Wang, Y; Wu, MC; Xie, D; Tang, DJ; Guan, XY2002206
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