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Epitaxial growth of colossal magnetoresistive films onto Si(100)Hu, FX; Sun, JR; Shen, BG; Rong, CB; Gao, J2008117
Switching behavior of La1-xCaxMnO3 thin films grown on SrTiO3 substratesHu, FX; Sun, JR; Shen, BG; Rong, CB; Gao, J2008346
Abnormal electroresistance effect induced by electric currents in La0.9Ba0.1MnO3 thin filmsHu, F; Gao, J; Luo, Z; Wang, L; Sun, JR; Shen, BG2007119
Magnetic properties and magnetocaloric effect around phase boundary in La(FexAl1-x)13 compoundsHu, F; Shen, BG; Sun, JR; Wang, GJ; Gao, J2007115
Magnetocaloric effect in itinerant electron metamagnetic systems La(Fe1-xCox)11.9Si1.1Hu, FX; Gao, J; Qian, XL; llyn, M; Tishin, AM; Sun, JR; Shen, BG2005538
Magnetocaloric properties of the LaFe11.7Si1.3 and LaFe11.2Co0.7Si1.1 systemsIlyn, M; Tishin, AM; Hu, FX; Gao, J; Sun, JR; Shen, BG2005141
Magnetoresistance in LaFe11.2Co0.7Si1.1 compoundHu, FX; Gao, J; Qian, XL; Li, YX; Du, J; Sun, JR; Shen, BG2004610
Good rectifying characteristic in p–n junctions composed of La0.67Ca0.33MnO3-δ/Nb–0.7 wt %-doped SrTiO3Hu, FX; Gao, J; Sun, JR; Shen, BG2003508
Presence of a paramagnetic phase well below the ferromagnetic onset in La0.67-xBixCa0.33MnO3Sun, JR; Shen, BG; Gao, J; Fei, Y; Nie, YP2003311
Doping effects on the phase separation in perovskite La0.67-xBixCa0.33MnO3Sun, JR; Gao, J; Fei, Y; Li, RW; Shen, BG2003377
Current-induced effect on the resistivity of epitaxial thin films of La 0.7Ca 0.3MnO 3 and La 0.85Ba 0.15MnO 3Gao, J; Shen, SQ; Li, TK; Sun, JR2003440
State switching in Bi-doped La[sub 0.67]Ca[sub 0.33]MnO[sub 3] and the effects of currentSun, JR; Gao, J; Kang, L2002390
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