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β N-O turns and helices induced by β2-aminoxy peptides: Synthesis and conformational studiesJiao, ZG; Chang, XW; Ding, W; Liu, GJ; Song, KS; Zhu, NY; Zhang, DW; Yang, D2011538
Selective approach toward multifunctionalized lactams by lewis acid promoted PhSe group transfer radical cyclizationYu, JD; Ding, W; Lian, GY; Song, KS; Zhang, DW; Gao, X; Yang, D201075
Chiral α-aminoxy acid/achiral cyclopropane α-aminoxy acid unit as a building block for constructing the α N-O helixYang, D; Chang, XW; Zhang, DW; Jiang, ZF; Song, KS; Zhang, YH; Zhu, NY; Weng, LH; Chen, MQ201076
Synthesis and conformational studies of γ-aminoxy peptidesChen, F; Song, KS; Wu, YD; Yang, D200875
Disulfide bond creates a small connecting loop in aminoxy peptide backboneYang, D; Liu, GJ; Jiao, ZG; Zhang, DW; Luo, Z; Song, KS; Chen, MQ2008988
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