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Principled approach to design of hierarchical abstractionsSoh, CheeKiong; Soh, AiKah; Lai, KumYew199561
Use of precedent cases in computer-aided design of offshore structuresSoh, CheeKiong; Soh, AiKah1994102
Stress analysis of reinforced tubular joints subjected to different load typesSoh, AiKah; Soh, CheeKiong; Hoon, KayHiang199481
Hot spot stresses of tubular joints subjected to combined loadingsSoh, AiKah; Soh, CheeKiong199356
Combining case-based and rule-based reasoning for offshore structure designSoh, CheeKiong; Soh, AiKah199359
Determination of inter- and free-boundary stresses in plate analysisSoh, AiKah; Soh, CheeKiong199338
Making data banks more useful with knowledge-embedded data-base systemsSoh, CheeKiong; Soh, AiKah; Lai, KumYew199371
IPDOS. Interactive preliminary design of offshore structuresSoh, CheeKiong; Soh, AiKah199262
SCF equations for TK square-to-round tubular jointsSoh, AiKah; Soh, CheeKiong199265
Expert system for the preliminary design of offshore topside superstructuresSoh, CheeKiong; Soh, AiKah199166
Approach to automate the design of fixed offshore platformsSoh, CheeKiong; Soh, AiKah; Lai, KumYew199171
Alternative conductor guide designSoh, AiKah; Soh, CheeKiong199074
Knowledge-based approach to the design of offshore jacket structuresSoh, CheeKiong; Soh, AiKah199085
SCF equations for T/Y and K square-to-round tubular jointsSoh, AiKah; Soh, CheeKiong198989
Example of intelligent structural design systemSoh, CheeKiong; Soh, AiKah198881
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