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Users’ Experience And Perceptions On Using Two Wiki Platforms For Collaborative Learning And Knowledge Management.Chu, SKW; Siu, FLC; Liang, MCT; Capio, CM; Wu, WWY201332
Effective use of Facebook on knowledge transfer in a professional experience internship: a case-based approach to analyze influencing factorsChau, CKL; Kan, JCY; Wong, JCM; Siu, FLC; Chu, SKW; Law, J201330
Developing upper primary students’ 21st century skills: Inquiry learning through collaborative teaching and Web 2.0 technologyChu, SKW; Tavares, NJ; Chu, D; Ho, SY; Chow, K; Siu, FLC; Wong, M2012257
Teachers as researchers and the development of teacher professionalismChow, K; Chu, SKW; Tavares, NJ; Siu, FLC201150
An emerging role of teacher-researchers in Hong Kong through a school-university collaborative research projectChow, K; Chu, SKW; Tavares, NJ; Siu, FLC; Chu, D; Ho, SY201062
Towards a model for Professional Development of Information Technology in Education for Science Teachers in Hong KongSiu, FLC; Yeung, ASW; Yuen, HK200565
Integrating ICT into Science Learning and Teaching: A Literature Review,Yeung, ASW; Yuen, HK; Siu, FLC200592
Development of ICT Standards and Performance Indicators for Science Teachers in Hong KongYuen, HK; Siu, FLC; Yeung, ASW200583
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