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Challenges of using Google sites in education and how students perceive using itLaw, HC; Chu, SKW; Siu, F; Pun, B; Lei, H201171
Effects of social tie content on knowledge transferZhou, S; Siu, F; Wang, M2010113
Comparing user experiences in using Twiki & Mediawiki to facilitate collaborative learningLiang, M; Chu, S; Siu, F; Zhou, A2009155
Supporting Pedagogical Practices Through the Interactive Learning Network (ILN)Innovative Pedagogical Practices Online Project Team; Kwan, A; Lee, S; Siu, F; Trinidad, S2003397
Molecular cloning and the biochemical characterization of two novel phytases from B. subtilis 168 and B. licheniformisTye, A; Siu, F; Leung, T; Lim, B2002183
A comparison of a computerized minimal pairs treatment program using drill and practice method versus game format in the remediation of phonological processes in childrenSiu, F2000963
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