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Periodontal conditions in elderly men with and without osteoporosis or osteopeniaShum, I; Leung, PC; Kwok, A; Corbet, EF; Orwoll, ES; Phipps, KR; Jin, L2010125
Periodontal conditions in Hong Kong Chinese men with osteoporosis/osteopeniaJin, L; Shum, I; Leung, PC; Lau, E; Kwok, A; Orwoll, ES2007136
Association of periodontal disease with osteoporosis/osteopenia in Chinese MenShum, I; Jin, LJ; Leung, PC; Lau, E; Kwok, A; Corbet, EF; Orwoll, ES2007142
Endothelin-1 in stable bronchiectasisZheng, L; Tipoe, G; Lam, WK; Ho, JCM; Shum, I; Ooi, GG; Leung, R; Tsang, KWT2000103
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