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Evidence for avian H9N2 influenza virus infections among rural villagers in CambodiaBlair, PJ; Putnam, SD; Krueger, WS; Chum, C; Wierzba, TF; Heil, GL; Yasuda, CY; Williams, M; Kasper, MR; Friary, JA; Capuano, AW; Saphonn, V; Peiris, JSM; Shao, H; Perez, DR; Gray, GC201325
PLK1 phosphorylates mitotic centromere-associated kinesin and promotes its depolymerase activityZhang, L; Shao, H; Huang, Y; Yan, F; Chu, Y; Hou, H; Zhu, M; Fu, C; Aikhionbare, F; Fang, G; Ding, X; Yao, X2011148
Minimizing makespan for parallel batch processing machines with non-identical job sizes using neural nets approachShao, H; Chen, HP; Huang, GQ; Xu, R; Cheng, BY; Wang, SS; Liu, BW200873
A chaotic ant colony optimization method for scheduling a single batch-processing machine with non-identical job sizesCheng, BY; Chen, HP; Shao, H; Xu, R; Huang, GQ200870
Minimizing the total completion time on a single batch processing machine with non-identical job sizes using ant colony optimizationXu, R; Chen, HP; Huang, GQ; Shao, H; Cheng, BY; Liu, BW200885
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