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KetamineLi, Q; Chan, WM; Rudd, JA; Wang, CM; Lam, PYH; Wai, MSM; Wood, DM; Dargan, PI; Yew, DT201342
The time of prenatal stress exposure differentially alter behaviors in male and female offspringChen, M; Li, Q; Lu, G; Jiu, T; Ao, L; Rudd, JA; McAlonan, G2011115
Time of prenatal stress challenge determines gender differences in expression of interleukin 18 in the ventral hippocampus of ratsChen, M; Li, Q; Wong, JH; Ng, TB; Lu, G; Jiu, T; Ao, L; McAlonan, G; Rudd, JA2011121
The time of prenatal stress challenge influences the specificity of behavioral abnormality exhibited in neurodevelopmental disordersChen, M; Li, Q; McAlonan, G; Rudd, JA; Ao, L2010126
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