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Trans-phonon effects in ultra-fast nanodevicesXu, ZP; Zheng, QS; Jiang, Q; Ma, CC; Zhao, Y; Chen, GH; Gao, H; Ren, GX2008150
Inhibitory effect of mung bean extract and its constituents vitexin and isovitexin on the formation of advanced glycation endproductsPeng, X; Zheng, Z; Cheng, KW; Shan, F; Ren, GX; Chen, F; Wang, M2008480
Studies on biological activity of Jie Jiu Bao Gan ChaRen, GX; Chen, YS; Zhao, JH; Liau, HZ; Yang, YJ; Wang, YP; Chen, SF1995102
Chinese ginseng industries: the present and the future.Lian, HZ; Ren, GX; Fu, XZ; Chen, SF1995106
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