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Tunable BiOCl hierarchical nanostructures for high-efficient photocatalysis under visible light irradiationXiong, JY; Cheng, G; Qin, F; Wang, RM; Sun, H; Chen, R201341
Template-free fabrication of Bi2O3 and (BiO)2CO3 nanotubes and their application in water treatmentQin, F; Li, G; Wang, R; Wu, J; Sun, H; Chen, R201257
Large-scale synthesis of bismuth hollow nanospheres for highly efficient Cr(VI) removalQin, F; Li, G; Xiao, H; Lu, Z; Sun, H; Chen, R201235
Facile microwave synthesis of 3D flowerlike BiOBr nanostructures and their excellent CrVI removal capacityLi, GF; Qin, F; Yang, H; Lu, Z; Sun, H; Chen, R201293
Meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials to assess the effectiveness and safety of free and easy Wanderer plus, a polyherbal preparation for depressive disordersQin, F; Wu, XA; Tang, Y; Huang, Q; Zhang, ZJ; Yuan, JH2011141
AFLP and RFLP linkage map in CoixQin, F; Li, J; Li, X; Corke, H2005203
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