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Synthesis and characterization of novel antibacterial silver nanocomposite nanofiltration and forward osmosis membranes based on layer-by-layer assemblyLiu, X; Qi, S; Li, Y; Yang, L; Cao, B; Tang, CY201348
Efficient top-k spatial distance joinsQi, S; Bouros, P; Mamoulis, N201324
Nanocomposite substrates for controlling internal concentration polarization in forward osmosis membranesMa, N; Wei, J; Qi, S; Zhao, Y; Gao, Y; Tang, CY201351
Double-skinned forward osmosis membranes based on layer-by-layer assembly-FO performance and fouling behaviorQi, S; Qiu, CQ; Zhao, Y; Tang, CY201223
Characteristics and mechanism of deep weathering of argillaceous limestones at Fengjie County, Three Gorges Region, Central ChinaQi, S; Wu, F; Yue, ZQ; Liu, C2012187
Influence of the properties of layer-by-layer active layers on forward osmosis performanceQi, S; Li, W; Zhao, Y; Ma, N; Wei, J; Chin, TW; Tang, CY201222
Boric acid permeation in forward osmosis membrane processes: Modeling, experiments, and implicationsJin, X; Tang, CY; Gu, Y; She, Q; Qi, S201126
Synthesis of high flux forward osmosis membranes by chemically crosslinked layer-by-layer polyelectrolytesQiu, C; Qi, S; Tang, CY201126
Deep weathering of a group of thick argillaceous limestone rocks near Three Gorges Reservoir, Central ChinaQi, S; Yue, ZQ; Wu, F; Chang, Z2009116
Expression and Purification of Mutated hpn Protein, and Studies of Function of Cystein Residues in hpnQi, S; Sun, H; Huang, J2009159
Significance of outward dipping strata in argillaceous limestones in the area of the Three Gorges reservoir, ChinaQi, S; Yue, ZQ; Liu, C; Zhou, Y2009155
Expression and purification of mutated hpn protein and studies of cysteine residues in hpnQi, S; Sun, H; Huang, J2009192
Expression of Mutated Hpn - a Nickel Binding Protein from Helicobacter PyloriQi, S; Sun, H; Huang, J2007137
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